Suspected “Shadow Person” Photographed at Renfrew Baths in Scotland

Paranormal investigation team The Scottish Ghost Company claims to have captured a mysterious, shadowy figure on camera during an event on Saturday, November 25th, at Renfrew Baths near Glasgow in Scotland.

During the event, one of the crew members took a picture for the team’s portfolio. However, upon further inspection, they noticed a humanoid shadow walking next to the changing room.

“It was one of our crew that took the photo. Just for our gallery/portfolio. We posted them on our main page as we always do the following day. Thanking the guests for coming etc.,” The Scottish Ghost Company representative Yvonne Hydes told Glasgow Live. “One of our other crew noticed the shadow and sent it in to our crew page and asked what we thought. It was then that we realized (when zoomed in), there was indeed a dark shadow. We actually think it’s amazing. To think he was wandering about when we were there is creepy though. Delighted to have captured it. The crew member who took the photo says no one was there when he took the photo.”

After noticing the shadowy figure, it was confirmed that no Renfrew Baths staff were nearby, and The Scottish Ghost Company crew and guests were investigating other areas at the time.

“We then asked the Renfrew Baths manager to check with the staff on that night that they weren’t poolside. This was confirmed also,” Hydes said. “All guests were in vigil areas with our crew.”

The photo was posted to The Scottish Ghost Company’s Facebook page, where it has elicited hundreds of comments, including those from many who also claim to have experienced unexplained events at Renfrew Baths.

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