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Conference-Gate, Scandal or Scam?

The cryptid community is entering concerning new territory this October. What we are seeing is unlike anything experienced before. While there have been contentious battles in cryptozoology’s past, the current situation in the Dogman community sets a troubling precedent.
A longstanding unwritten rule is that controversy sells. This has now manifested as outright fundraising off manufactured conflict. People are opening their wallets in unprecedented ways, as confusing events unfold surrounding an alleged incident at a recent dogman convention Hosted By Mr. Joshua Turner, or the after-party.

The situation has the makings of a horror movie – claims of demonic manifestations, confronting video footage, and physical assault allegations against a woman. It remains unclear what exactly transpired or who the perpetrators may be. What is evident is the aggressive fundraising surrounding the hysteria and fear. Repeated calls to stop supporting certain creators and unsubscribe from their channels. Public solicitation of donations for a meritless lawsuit. This phenomenon is an enigma for a community that has traditionally decried monetization.

What is clearly evident is a scarcity marketing tactic was deployed. Scarcity marketing is a technique marketing teams use to encourage customers to make a purchase before a product or discount goes away.

In this case the document threats of Josh Turner a popular podcaster disappearing and quitting ,clearly spurred reactionary spending. By claiming victimhood from enemies on all sides, sympathy donations poured in. But such marketing tactics risks long-term consequences.

For example, what about the damage done to every brand associated with this conflict. The obvious question of was the money collected shared amongst those involved in the conflict, the “allies” of Mr. Josh Turner? Or were they used as pawns in this marketing technique as well ?

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While sensational scandals may drive short-term profits, the damage to credibility and community trust is not worth it in the long run. In fact these types of tactics are sure to over time ensure that people are reluctant to open their wallets for any truly good cause in the community!

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