Reluctant Witness Reports 1966 Sighting of Pulsating, Multicolored UFO in South Carolina

Edited 1/9/23

The Singular Fortean Society was contacted in September of 2022 by a man regarding a pulsating, multicolored UFO he had reportedly seen as a teenager in Aiken, South Carolina.

Although the witness did provide his name, he will be kept anonymous since no permission to use it was given.

According to the submitted report, the man witnessed the unusual object during the summer of 1966 when he was 14 years old.

The man said that he was outside looking at the sky with his small telescope when he noticed a totally silent “solid UFO” the size of the full moon directly above him at about 1,000 feet, although a “small wobble left to right” prevented him from focusing on it.

As he watched, the “actual skin of the object pulsated with four different colors and reflected off the outside rim of the craft each time it came on.”

The experience lasted an undisclosed amount of time before the object “vanished to the west at tremendous speed in about one second to the horizon.”

While he did mention “other family witnesses” being present, no details were given on their relationship or reactions to the phenomenon.

He claimed that the sighting was reported to the local Army radar station and said he was sent a large questionnaire from Project Blue Book, but only partially filled it out before throwing it away out of boredom.

The encounter appears to have had a substantial impact on the man, since, he said, “[I] still think about it every day of my life,” even over fifty years later.

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He insisted that he is a “very professional and trustworthy person, [who] worked at the nearby nuclear weapons Savannah River Plant for 38 years in a very high-level capacity” and that he was “more than willing to do lie detector tests, hypnosis or whatever” to help document his experience.

“I have my own sane theory about people who witness UFOs like this close up, especially as it deals with children worldwide about this age who have witnessed UFO activity (so many of them you have to question why),” he added.

However, the man seemed reluctant to discuss things further during a brief series of correspondence with investigator Tobias Wayland.

Tobias replied to the man’s email in an attempt to interview him over the phone regarding his experience but was told that he preferred email “until a more sustainable communication relationship is developed and deemed worthy by both of us.”

The man then reiterated his credentials.

“To help you better understand who you are dealing with, I was a [Savannah River Site Professional] at one of the nation’s (USA) largest Environmental Facilites located at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, [South Carolina] until retiring in 2009. When and if the time comes, I can easily provide … whatever else is necessary to validate my career information,” he said.

According to the Office of Environmental Management, “The Savannah River Site (SRS), a 310-square-mile-site in Aiken, South Carolina, focused on the production of plutonium and tritium for use in the manufacture of nuclear weapons from its inception in the early 1950s until the end of the Cold War. In 1992, the focus at SRS turned to environmental cleanup, nuclear materials management, and research and development activities.”

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Following that reiteration, he then stated, “I will also have to perform checks on your organization and will be asking questions as well.”

Any checks performed by the man remain unknown and no questions were asked during his correspondence with Tobias.

Despite his reluctance to discuss the experience further, he did add another dimension to his previous testimony.

“The most notable difference I can tell in the craft to all other UFO reports I’ve seen, until the Singular Fortean Society article I recently read, was how the pulsating lights seemed to be a living, breathing part of the craft itself,” he said. “More to come if interested and will gladly answer any and all questions that are within reason.”

Tobias again replied to the man’s email, this time inquiring if the article he had referenced was one published earlier that month in which a Rockford, Illinois woman recounted her experience of seeing a winged humanoid and a seemingly alive, glowing UFO in the same night.

This appeared to lead to a misunderstanding with the man, since he responded that the investigator must have him “confused below with some other case,” and that their “communication window is now permanently closed due to intuitive insight.”

No further contact with the witness has been had since.

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