Mexican Congress Holds Second Hearing on Purported Peruvian Mummies Rumored to be Aliens

Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan once again testified in front of Mexico’s congress last Tuesday as part of another hearing regarding the purported Peruvian mummies that some say could represent alien life.

This followed a similar hearing in September wherein Maussan originally presented the specimens.

Maussan did not display the bodies at this week’s hearing, instead offering the testimony of scientists who claim that they were once living organisms.

Anthropologist Roger Zuniga of San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica Peru said that five similar specimens had been studied by researchers over the course of four years.

“They’re real,” Zuniga said. “There was absolutely no human intervention in the physical and biological formation of these beings.” 

Zuniga stopped short of claiming the mummies were extraterrestrial, adding that he did not know the origin of the beings.

He also presented a letter corroborating his assertion signed by 11 researchers from the same university.

That letter also denied the implication that the bodies were “extraterrestrial.”

Maussan, however, was more open to the idea of an otherworldly explanation.

“None of the scientists say [the study results] prove that they are extraterrestrials, but I go further,” he said.

Any event with Maussan’s name attached is sure to be met with plenty of skepticism, since many consider him to be a con artist trying to profit from current UFO hype, especially in light of his long history of dubious claims.

Back in September, following the first hearing, Juliet Fierro, a researcher with the Institute of Astronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, was among those scientists who expressed skepticism in the specimens, saying that many of the details about them “made no sense.”

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She added that claims her university had endorsed the bodies’ validity were false and said that more advanced technology than the X-rays reportedly used to determine their “non-human” nature would be necessary for scientists to properly evaluate the specimens.

So far, the specimens have not been made available to the worldwide scientific community for study.

“Maussan has done many things. He says he has talked to the Virgin of Guadalupe,” she said. “He told me extraterrestrials do not talk to me like they talk to him because I don’t believe in them.”

Furthermore, Fierro said, it seemed strange that those involved would remove what must be a “treasure of the nation” from Peru without inviting the Peruvian ambassador.

That statement echoes the sentiment of archaeologists who, in 2017, were outraged when Maussan and associates made similar claims about purported mummies supposedly found near the Nazca Lines in Peru.

Archaeologists at the time were upset by what they believed to be a deliberate desecration of ancient remains.

The 9th annual World Congress on Mummy Studies held in Lima, Peru, in 2017, issued a call for an official inquiry into whether archaeological crimes had been committed. The impassioned plea, entitled “The Fraud of Extraterrestrial Mummies,” was released on their Facebook page.


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