“Reluctant Witness” Provides Additional Details about 1966 Sighting of Pulsating, Multicolored UFO in South Carolina

In late December of last year, the Singular Fortean Society published a report regarding the sighting of a pulsating, multicolored UFO reportedly seen in Aiken, South Carolina.

The report was submitted by a man who said that he had witnessed the unusual object during the summer of 1966 when he was 14 years old.

Initially, the man cut off contact after a brief correspondence with investigator Tobias Wayland led to a misunderstanding in which he thought the investigator must have confused him with another case.

However, after reading the article and realizing that the issue was simply a misunderstanding, the man once again reached out to the investigator.

“We did seem to have a misunderstanding,” he explained. “I thought you were writing to me thinking I was that other case. My takeaway was that you didn’t have your act together. My apologies.”

Having overcome the miscommunication, the man went on to provide additional details about his experience.

The UFO was witnessed by my dad, mom, brother, sister and an uncle who had 200 plus flying hours and who knew the people at the Aiken Airport which was adjacent to the Army Radar Station. My uncle was the one who ran in the house and immediately contacted the Radar Station (not me) to see if they had anything on radar. They didn’t. 

My uncle lived nearby and was visiting us that evening. He came out of the house and continued viewing the object about a minute more before it took off. I was the first to view the object for what seemed like 3-4 minutes then went inside to alert the family. 

My mom and dad just stared at the object and couldn’t figure it out. My brother and sister were younger than me, so it didn’t register as much with them although my brother did say later on that some of his friends in the neighborhood noticed it also. 

I was also contacted by the Aiken Police Department. I’m not sure how Project Bluebook got the news, either through the Police report or maybe a newspaper report, or perhaps even the Radar Station.

The man also expounded on the impetus behind the caution he has exhibited while sharing his experience by explaining that any public knowledge of his identity could cause him a myriad of problems, both personal and professional.

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Any further details of those problems have been withheld from this article to protect his privacy.

He ended his message by saying, “In a final word, the object we saw beat the crap out of any video or photo I’ve seen of a UFO even after the 2017 disclosures. It was truly up close and personal and will live on in my memory until my memory is no more.”

The Singular Fortean Society is still in contact with this witness and any further developments will be released as they are received or deemed to be relevant.

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