Paranormal Investigator Reports Encounter with Strange Spiritual Entity in Texas

The Singular Fortean Society was recently put in contact with an investigator who said that he had seen a strange spiritual entity on his way to an investigation.

The 57-year-old investigator was driving with a friend on US-77 in Texas and had just passed I-10 on May 27th at approximately 11:30 p.m. when he saw what he would later describe as a 1.5’ x 1.5’, dark, square being moving across the road.

“We were going to an investigation in Hallettsville, Texas, and as we were driving … on the left from where oncoming traffic would be coming from—this was a two-lane highway, one way each way—I saw something crawling in the road,” he told The Singular Fortean Society’s chief investigator Tobias Wayland during a phone interview. “What was weird was that it was black, it was dark, and it … the best way to describe it is to picture a square, it was square, no arms or legs, but the corners were stretching out to walk.”

The man described the entity’s movement as being similar to the symbiote from the movie Venom, in that it stretched and contorted itself to move.

At the same time as he was seeing the crawling square, the man said his friend saw a round creature on the opposite side of the highway.

He said that she described the creature as having a round body, and initially thought it was a pig until it mysteriously vanished.

“She said she thought it was a pig because of its shape and because it was walking in the woods off the road, but that it wasn’t a pig because it disappeared,” he said.

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Then, as their vehicle passed the mysterious square entity and he lost sight of it, the man said he felt suddenly cold.

“I felt it like it attached to my vehicle,” he said. “I got real cold. I’m a paranormal investigator, I’ve been doing this for 14 or 15 years. I’ve dealt with a lot of stuff. I’ve felt a lot of stuff. And I had never felt or seen anything like this before. You could feel the cold. I turned to my friend and said, ‘Something is here with us.’” 

He tried telling the entity that it was not welcome but, he said, “It just wouldn’t leave … This thing, for lack of a better term, latched onto me.”

After meeting several friends at the site of their investigation, the Old Lavaca County Jail, the man was told that he didn’t look like himself and sprinkled with holy water.

This did little to dissuade the entity from its attachment.

His friends then offered to smudge him with sage, which reportedly began to burn a greenish color and make a popping sound.

”It was weird,” the man said.

At this point, the entity, which the man said he felt between his t-shirt and skin, but could no longer see, left through his shirt sleeve.

“I know I sound crazy, but this thing was running around,” he said.

The now invisible entity then attached itself to his friend, whom he reported experienced stomach cramping and back pain, something he said he had also felt when it was attached to him.

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He said that the entity felt smaller than it had looked in the road when it was attached, and that it “almost felt like an air pocket.”

“As it moved you could feel a trail, almost as if it was dragging a tail,” he added.

Concerned for his friend’s safety, the man said that he placed his hand on her and commanded the entity to come back to him.

It seemed to do so, and as the night progressed, he said the entity became weaker and weaker until he could no longer feel it.

During the course of the investigation, the man said that they were able to use a K-2 meter to communicate with something which informed them that the entity had been summoned specifically to harm the friend who had experienced the more pronounced reaction to the entity’s attachment.

The man said that he suspected the entity was conjured through brujería by someone jealous of the “people he’s hanging around with,” but otherwise declined to elaborate.

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