Determining The Exact Frequency That The Paranormal Exists At & Operates On

Many paranormal researchers claim that ghosts exist on a higher frequency, so can we use the array of ghost hunting gadgets available to us to find their exact frequency?

When it comes to ghosts and spirits, many paranormal researchers make the claim that ghosts exist on a higher frequency, yet an exact frequency or frequency range is never given.

A huge array of ghost hunting gadgets are now accessible to investigators which claim to be precise and scientific in nature, this should mean that with such accurate equipment at our disposal it’s possible to determine the exact frequencies that the paranormal exist on.

But why is this important? Paranormal investigators are the first to stress the importance of being scientific on a ghost hunt. The scientific process involves suggesting a hypothesis and testing this experimentally. If the hypothesis is confirmed evidentially then it essentially becomes a scientific fact.

Proving the existence of the paranormal in this way is of course the holy grail for any ghost hunter and should be the aim of any paranormal investigation. Every atom that exists in the universe has its own unique frequency, so determining this for a ghost would be proof once and for all that some sort of matter exits that gives rise to paranormal entities.

Researchers are often quoted as saying that ghosts exist as a form of energy. Perhaps this is the synaptic energy of the brain that survives death and gives rise to a discarnate field of energy that represents the consciousness and memories of the deceased.

The claim is often underpinned by scientific sounding quotes like “everything is energy,” which is commonly misattributed to Albert Einstein the famous German-born theoretical physicist, and the fact that energy cannot be destroyed or created – often quoted out of context.

But since ghost hunters use an array of gadgets that detect spikes and fluctuations in electromagnetism, surely these devices can be used to determine the exact frequency of the paranormal activity that is causing the device to trigger.

To understand how frequency relates to electromagnetism we need to go back to high school science lessons where we learnt that the electromagnetic spectrum is made up of everything from visible light to invisible radio waves, plus microwaves, X-rays and much more. So, what is the best way to detect paranormal activity within this spectrum and determine its frequency?

Here are a few possible solutions…

1. Determining The Paranormal Frequency With An EMF Meter

K-ii EMF Meter On A Ouija Board

An electromagnetic field meter, or EMF meter, is one of the most popular pieces of ghost hunting kit. Perhaps the most commonly used is the famous K-II Meter. K-IIs can actually only measure a tiny portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which makes it quite a limited tool for the purpose of establishing a frequency.

It can detect Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) which range from 50 to 1,000Hz and the Very Low Frequency (VLF) range from 1,000 to 20,000Hz – this range obviously includes the common 50 and 60Hz – the frequency of mains voltage electricity. So, if LED lights on your K-II illuminate solidly to indicate a hit, then that means you’ve detected a ghost with a frequency similar to that of mains power lines.

Five lights illuminated on a K-II meter tell you that you are in the presence of a strong field, but it doesn’t tell you the frequency of that field. Although it does narrow down a possible paranormal frequency to something in the range of 50 – 20,000Hz. Unfortunately this still leaves us with quite a wide frequency band. It also means that if ghosts exist within this frequency range that they have a wavelength similar to that of very low frequency radio broadcasts and the wiring in our house. There’s nothing supernatural or exotic about this frequency range, it is well understood, measurable and wouldn’t be unique to the supernatural.

More accurate devices, such as the GQ EMF-390 and similar can detect a much wider chunk of the EM spectrum. It also has a spectrum analyser built in, this allows you to determine the frequency of any spike the device detects. Where as a K-II just gives some indication of the strength of the spike through a series of five coloured lights. A more accurate EMF meter such as GQ’s models will tell you the exact power of the spike detected and furthermore will tell you its exact frequency. This will allow you to pinpoint exactly where in the EM spectrum the spike lies and enable you to debunk every possible cause from a microwave over to a WiFi router.

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If you are able to measure a repeatable spike that coincides with paranormal activity, then this device will tell you its exact frequency, that golden number we are looking for. The problem is, you’re still not peering into a supernatural realm, the frequency range detectable by these devices is well understood. So while this EMF meter will give you an exact frequency, you’ll find that this frequency relates to something non-paranormal like radio broadcasts, mobile phones or some other manmade source of EM. That’s not to say a spook might be hijacking these frequency bands, but again it’s a range of frequencies that are not unique to the supernatural.

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2. Determining The Paranormal Frequency With A Camera

Full Spectrum Camera

A part of the electromagnetic spectrum that might be more familiar is the visible light spectrum. Could it be possible that ghosts exist within this frequency range?

Some paranormal investigators present light anomalies has evidence of the paranormal. These are flashes of light, streaks and spheres of light that appear on camera in an otherwise dark environment. The majority of these, if not all, can be ruled out as a result of light from the camera’s own flash or illuminator reflecting back off of a tiny airborne objects near the lens. These can appear bigger due to its close proximity to the lens, it may also appear out of focus causing it to appear like a blurry, glowing ball, sometimes referred to as an orb.

These photographic mishaps need to be eliminated from the research, but any object or light that is captured on camera in total darkness could be an indication that the paranormal frequency lies within the visible light spectrum. This means that a normal still or video camera would have to be used without a flash or any type of camera light in a totally dark environment. The captured image or video should be completely black, but if a light is present and you know there are no sources of light in the room, then you know for sure that whatever has been captured must be generating that light itself.

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Of course, it’s entirely likely that such an unexplained light has never been captured in controlled conditions on a camera, but if it were we’d be able to roughly determine its frequency based on its colour. The light we see has a frequency of between 430-770THz depending on its colour. White light is a mix of all these frequencies.

A night vision camera can see infrared light which a normal camera cannot. The same experiment could be conducted with a night vision camera, but again it is important to turn off the infrared illuminator. This time if any light anomaly is captured within a completely dark environment, then we can conclude that it has a frequency equivalent to that of infrared light, between 300GHZ and 430THz.

A camera isn’t able to capture any frequencies outside of the visible light range, or infrared range in the case of a night vision camera. So it’s safe to conclude that the light emitted by any anomaly captured on camera must have a frequency within this 300GHZ to 770THz range.

So again, although a camera might help us narrow down the frequency of alleged paranormal activity, it will only give us a frequency that is well understood and part of the every day world around us.

3. Determining The Paranormal Frequency With A Radio

Spirit Box Ghost Box Paranormal ITC Tool

Perhaps spirits exist within the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is used for radio broadcasts. If this were the case then we should be able to detect wandering spirits by tuning a radio to the correct frequency.

This doesn’t necessarily mean hearing the snatches of voices heard through a paranormal device like a Spirit Box as voices and sounds need to be encoded (modulated) in order for the radio to receive them and convert them back to sound. Rather, we should be listening out for an unexplained burst of noise or static as a spirit passes nearby. Ideally this should be repeatable and happen on demand to demonstrate there is an intelligence behind the interference. At the very least this burst of static should coincidence with other measurable or observable paranormal activity.

Are EVPs The Key To Uncovering The Frequency Of The Paranormal?

Audio Recorder EVP
EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, is a method of investigation that involves attempting to capture the sound of spirit voices in an audio recording. It’s not uncommon to hear a ghost hunter claim that these voices exist on a higher/lower frequency than we can hear with our ears. This claim is often used to support the belief that ghosts are “lower-vibrational entities.”

If you cast your mind back to high school physics, you should remember that the frequency of sound has nothing to do with the frequencies found on the electromagnetic spectrum. In the case of electromagnetic forces, its frequency is the measure of the speed its waveform travels. Sound however is a vibration that travels through a medium like the air, in this case the frequency is a measure of how fast the air is vibrating.

So, the frequency of an EVP in an audio recording has no bearing on its physical makeup. You should also remember from high school science lessons that when talking about sound, “frequency” is another word for pitch or tone. So saying an EVP has a high frequency, means it is a high-pitched sound.

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This highlights another misnomer common amongst ghost hunters. To claim that an EVP has a higher frequency than a human voice would mean that it is a high-pitched voice like Mickey Mouse. This isn’t the case. The sounds commonly identified as EVPs by researchers are recognisable as human voices because they have roughly the same pitch as human voices, which is another way of saying that they have the same frequency.

So, no, EVPs are not the key to uncovering the frequency of the paranormal. The frequency of recorded audio doesn’t give you any information about the physical properties of the thing that created the sound. For example, examining a recording of a whistle can’t tell you what colour the whistle is or what it’s made out of.


This article should have lead you to the inevitable conclusion that when the majority of ghost hunters talk about frequency they confuse the frequency of electromagnetic waves with the frequency of sounds in a recording – two completely unrelated properties.

It should now also be obvious that the electromagnetic spectrum is well understood and measurable, so it’s not possible that ghosts exclusively occupy a unique frequency of the EM band. If they do exist as pure energy, then they must share a frequency with something else that we do understand and can measure.

This would raise the question of why they don’t interfere with these measurements in every day life. For example, if ghosts had a frequency similar to x-rays, why don’t we hear about spirits leaving messages on x-ray film or ruining patients’ scans?

Similarly, if ghosts operate at the frequency of mains electricity, why don’t we experience more unexplained spikes, surges and drains in our power supply as ghosts pass through the power lines? Especially when you consider that worldwide there are 120 deaths every hour, this should be a growing problem.

This is also true of the radio spectrum. If spirits occupied this range then there is no reason why we wouldn’t constantly hear bursts of sound bleeding over radio programmes as the ever-growing number of spirits interfere with broadcasting and receiving equipment. It would be a huge issue for broadcasters who would have no way to stop this spirit interference.

The bottom line is that paranormal investigators are quick to state as fact that ghosts and spirits are a form of energy. Sometimes they’ll go a step further and say that this energy exists on a higher vibrational plane as it has a higher frequency, others talk about lower-vibrational entities. Despite these scientific sounding claims, no investigator has ever devised an experiment that would allow the frequency of the paranormal to be measured.

Although it is commonly stated that ghosts exist on a different frequency, no specific frequency or frequency range has ever been put forward by researchers… this is of course ignoring the fact that those researchers making these claims wouldn’t even be able to identify the frequency humans supposedly exist on.

That’s not to say that researchers are wrong, but until evidence of a specific frequency is given, this idea is merely a hypothesis and not a fact. A hypothesis which is seemingly as hard to prove as the existence of ghosts themselves.

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