Man Reports History of Interaction with Seemingly Intelligent Orbs

North Carolina man Christopher Bledsoe, 62, recently recounted a series of encounters with seemingly intelligent glowing orbs to British tabloid the Daily Mail.

Bledsoe told the tabloid that his experiences began following a period of personal economic loss.

“I was at the point of giving up on life and thinking terrible thoughts, but I love nothing more than my children and wife [so I pushed on],” he said.

Bledsoe was given a job in construction from his father, and was invited by the crew with whom he worked to go fishing at Cape Fear on January 8th, 2007.

He was there with three other men and his son, Chris Jr, who was 17 at the time.

During the trip, Bledsoe decided to leave the group and get some alone time in the forest to reflect on his struggles.

“I was 46 years old at the time, and I could not even buy my children lunch—that’s how bad it was,” Bledsoe said. “I lost everything.”

And that’s when he says he encountered something very strange at the top of a hill.

“When I got up within 40 feet of that hill, the first thing I noticed was what looked like the setting sun, but then I saw two of these things,” Bledsoe said.

Hovering about 150 feet above the ground were two orbs that glowed a blood-red, tangerine color.

“So, I knew what I was looking at wasn’t anything from the military or anything we had. It was from another world,” he said of the orbs.

Frightened by what he was seeing, Bledsoe fled down the hill, and when he looked back, another glowing orb appeared directly above him.

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“There was another one above me that appeared within one second,” he explained. “It wasn’t there. The next second, I’ve got a third setting sun that was as big as a house.”

When Bledsoe returned to where his friends were fishing, he discovered that he had been gone all night, even though he felt as though only 20 minutes had passed.

He saw, too, that his son was missing from the group, and so he went back into the forest to find him.

“I heard the rustle of the leaves, and he came up weeping,” Bledsoe recounted emotionally. “He said, where have you been, daddy? Why did you leave me? These creatures, there were two of them with red eyes, and I saw orbs or balls of light.”

Since then, Bledsoe said, the orbs have appeared over his home “every night.”

Bledsoe said that he and his family were shunned and ridiculed when he tried to tell their story to the community, and so he kept it a secret until 2012, when he was visited by a comforting being who told him he was not alone.

The being took the form of a beautiful, glowing woman, floating three feet off the ground.

“A woman was glowing with a white dress, the most beautiful thing you have ever seen,” Bledsoe said. “She looked at me and said, ‘You know why I am here. If you do this, I will always be with you and help you. I will help you with witnesses.'”

Following that event, he said, “Immediately, I could share it with my parents and the US government. I am probably the most studied person in the world now.”

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Bledsoe claims to have captured over 2,000 videos of the glowing orbs flying above his home over the past two years, and spent seven days with the crew of History Channel series ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch,’ during which Bledsoe said he could summon the orbs using prayer.

“I am no longer a religious person. I am a spiritual person,” he said.

Bledsoe has had his brain analyzed by NASA and scientists at The Monroe Institute, which studies human consciousness, and as part of the show, his brain signals were studied during interactions with the orbs.

Neuroscientist James Thompson analyzed the data and confirmed that Bledsoe has no brain issues and appears to have an emotional connection with the orbs that occurred during the show.

While Bledsoe’s experiences may seem unique, other witnesses have come forward with similar stories.

A man in Indiana near the Prairie Creek Reservoir has spoken to The Singular Fortean Society about a series of glowing orb sightings that span from 1981 to 2020 which could be related to winged humanoid sightings in the area.

And last year, The Singular Fortean Society was contacted by Shane Taylor, 44, who wished to report an encounter with a multitude of seemingly friendly orange orbs he’d had on Christmas Eve of 2014.

“It was really bizarre. There was a dreamlike quality to the experience, but I was still conscious and aware. It was really wild,” Taylor said of his encounter. “When I got out of the car and they were right there it was almost like they were attracted to me; like they picked up on me and were like, ‘Here’s us, here’s what we are.’ To me it was friendly, like a friendly interaction. I know it’s so weird to say interaction, but to me it felt that way.”

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