Reports from the Void: ‘Something Weird in Aurora’

Reports from the Void is a repository to share those stories for which we do not have enough information to make a full report. This is usually because of little or no communication from the witness following their initial submission. The Singular Fortean Society will always provide as much information as possible regarding any correspondence during our attempts to speak with those involved.

This series is meant only to present you with the full breadth of the information sent to us and makes no judgments towards the veracity of any stories shared within it.

The Singular Fortean Society received the following email with “Something weird in Aurora” in the subject line on January 17th, 2023.

I am a rockhound, collector and explorer. There is an island just south of downtown Aurora, it sits behind the old SciTech Museum (the old post office which at some point gargoyles were added to the top of this building).

It was beginning of December 2022; I had just returned my boys to their mother in Plano, Illinois. I stopped by the river to search for arrowheads and unusual rocks.

I’m on the bank scanning, when all of a sudden, I hear running on top of something metal and hollow and then there’s a huge splash. My instinct tells me that no human/bum is going to jump in the water with the temperature so now I start to pay more attention to this island less than 50 yards in front of me.

I notice there are these white boxes almost possibly covering a hole on the island, but the bottoms of the boxes have arches so almost something could crawl out from underneath (I found weird broken white rocks with patent numbers and the word lightning on them after this). I’m still in search of what these are on the island but this night I went up to the bridge and I filmed something odd. I saw a weird light that would come and go in a manner in which I feel a human or animal does not explain and at the end of the video there is an ominous growl noise that echoes in an intense way but in person I never remember hearing it.

If y’all email me back, I’ll put the attachment within the email. I can’t get it to attach here.

Investigator Tobias Wayland replied to the email but received no response. To date, the video mentioned by this witness has not been seen.

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The island south of Aurora referenced in the testimony is likely a small, wooded island directly adjacent to Stolp Island in the Fox River.

Aurora, Illinois, is a city on the western edge of Chicago’s metropolitan area and is located within a few miles of several locations that have reportedly hosted sightings of winged humanoids and other anomalous beings.

UFOs and anomalous lights have also been associated with these sightings in the past.

Witnesses Gerald Turrise, Jonathan Lane, and Shana and Barbera Clippert have all reported UFO sightings along with winged humanoid sightings, and another witness named Paula said she saw a mysterious beam of light with no apparent source in the same area she would later encounter a winged humanoid.

In addition, the creature reported by Paula made an unnatural groaning noise.

Another woman in Woodstock, Illinois, said she heard demonic growling outside of her house less than two weeks after a man reported an encounter with a large winged biped in the same town.

For a timeline of winged humanoid sightings that includes those taking place within the Chicago metropolitan area, click here.


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