A chinese man keeps a dead alien in his refrigerator

Yes I’m laughing too just from looking at the picture but I thought I would share anyway 😀

A Chinese man called Li has photographed what he says is a dead alien which he keeps in his fridge.

Li says that he found the alien lying trapped under a UFO which had crashed near his home.

He says he watched a group of UFO’s fly in formation along the Yellow River in Shandong Province, Binzhou.

Li said “Suddenly one UFO crashed. I immediately chased and found the body of an alien trapped under the UFO,”

“I immediately lifted the alien and took it home to put in the refrigerator,”

He posted his photos of the alien onto social media sites but they have been getting mixed reactions.

The Chinese police even released as statement to say the found Li’s story very unconvincing and they believe the alien is made of high quality-rubber.

Im not so sure its even high-quality rubber, it looks more like its made out of pastry to me.



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