Hacked NASA Mars rover beamed alien signal back to Mayan temple – Witness claims

In an exclusive interview with ZWT Jameson a witness has exposed a potential First Contact event linked to NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity.

Anna, an archivist who worked on various dig sites in the North Peten region of Guatemala, spoke under the condition of anonymity and claims that she and her colleague, an archaeologist known only by the name Javier, were approached by agents from the CIA and NASA to work on another Mayan temple located nearby.

Anna and Javier agreed that they would leave the dig site where they had been working and team up with the agents to investigate the temple that was allegedly receiving signals sent from the Mars rover Opportunity.

Up to that point this particular Mayan temple had lay undetected despite the use of a sophisticated new technology called ‘lidar’ which was successfully deployed to uncover previously undiscovered connected Mayan cities in the North Peten region.

Holmul, El Mirador and Tikal were all part of a hugely significant find of previously undiscovered Mayan temples using the ‘lidar’ technology.

This particular temple had evaded detection but was tracked by NASA scientists using the signal being sent from Opportunity.

In one extract from the interview Anna disclosed that: ‘The guy from NASA explained that the Mars rover Opportunity hadn’t ceased operations in 2018 and that a press statement sent out to the media in early 2019 saying it was now considered non-operational was a smokescreen.’

According to press reports, NASA lost contact with the Mars rover Opportunity in June 2018 and was officially declared offline in February 2019.

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However Anna’s claims dispute these facts and during the interview she goes on to disclose the fact that NASA were unable to identify the signal. She also states that the representative from NASA confirmed that at the time of the signal being sent by Opportunity it had no power and they were unable to take back control of the Mars rover.

According to Anna the NASA representative confirmed that they suspected Opportunity had been hacked by an unidentified source and that it had taken control of the rover and started to send the signals back to the temple. Both the NASA and CIA agents suspected that the signal could be a First Contact event and their mission was to ascertain the risk behind this signal.

During the interview Anna claimed that whilst she was documenting artefacts around the large atrium of the temple her colleague Javier was examining a coffin like structure with the man from NASA.

In a de-briefing session after their investigations in the temple had ended it was concluded the body inside the coffin, whilst humanoid, was not consistent with someone who would have lived in that area during the time the temple was built.

It was determined that the temple was 2000 to 3000 years old.

Jameson commented “This was an extraordinary chance to interview someone who was clearly eager to retain anonymity for their own safety and as with anything like this, I had to take them on face value and not make any form of judgment on what I was being told.”

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The full interview is available to download for free from most e-book stores apart from Kindle where it can be downloaded for $0.99, all stores are available via this link:


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