Wilson Castle – A Haunting In The Hills

The American northeast, being as secluded and relatively uninhabited as it is, has left its paranormal community with quite the burden to bear.

Without many industrialists, they’ve witnessed the demise and decimation of countless historically haunted structures that otherwise may have had new life to them.

They’ve grown increasingly small in number as the modern era pulls the region’s residents to the bustling hubs of the east and west coasts. And, perhaps the most damning and consequential reality, the sheer distance between what few worthwhile locations exist within the region is enough to keep most would-be investigators from getting any substantive hunting done.

However, despite these dilemmas, for those willing to make the necessary treks, the northeast does contain some of the most pronounced hauntings in the United States. One of which, buried in the thickets of the Green Mountains of Vermont, has earned a reputation for itself as the preeminent house of horrors hidden within the hills. Wilson Castle.

Known for its lush vegetation and statewide expanse of boundless foliage, Vermont affords very little space to locations ripe for the paranormal. And when you do find such locations, you can be near certain that there’ll be nothing and nobody around to hear you scream – aside from a lot of trees.

Wilson Castle, a private residence built back in 1867 for Dr. John Johnson and his English wife, is one such destination.

John and his wife enlisted the expertise of British architects on an eight year venture to create what would ultimately be a $1.3 million estate ($42.5 million when adjusted for today’s inflation). And even after all that time and money, their residence inside the home was brief, as Dr. Johnson couldn’t afford the upkeep and taxes for the home upon his wife’s death shortly after moving in.

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The home bounced from owner to owner for decades afterwards, until becoming the property of Herbert Wilson, a pioneer in early AM radio. The home has remained in the Wilson family ever since, spanning five generations of men and women tasked with the maintenance of one of the state’s most illustrious abodes.

It’s regarded today as one of Vermont’s most paranormal hot spots, and ghost tours are often offered to the public, during which people have been able to capture some startling evidence – including moving furniture, disembodied laughter and voices, cold spots and walking footsteps, and the mysterious apparition of a woman who most believe to be Mrs. Johnson.

So grab your tickets now if you’re in the area and witness a true piece of Vermont history and a prime location for encountering the supernatural.

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