Watch as a UFO splits into 7 objects over Mexico

A UFO has been filmed splitting into 7 objects in the skies of Colima, Mexico.

The witness who filmed the footage spotted the UFO but didn’t expect it to break up into smaller objects.

They explained “For the fourth time in a row, the same bright and spherical object appeared in the same position in the sky, this time it struck me because in a moment it is divided into 7 objects, one of them moves downwards, another three fly more Above and three of them begin to make geometric figures, spectacular !.”

Some UFO experts are claiming that it clearly shows a mothership releasing smaller craft which then begin to fly off in formation.

However, skeptics believe there is a more plausible explanation such as it being a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere or a weather balloon breaking up.

What do you think it could be?


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