The Top Ten Weird News Stories of 2023

We here at The Singular Fortean Society hope this holiday season has found you well. Today, we thought we’d close out 2023 and ring in 2024 by counting down the top 10 weird news stories we published this year. And what a year it’s been! From Nessie to Mothman, people have reported a myriad of anomalous experiences in 2023. So, enjoy this list of our most popular articles reporting on them and we look forward to more weird adventures in 2024!

10. “We Don’t Know Where They Come From, Who Made Them, or How They Operate,” Senator Gillibrand Says in Latest UFO Hearing

9. “I Believe That Someone or Something Flies around Waukegan, Illinois,” Witness Says

8. Witness Reports Group Sighting of “Large Man” with “Wings That Were Wider Than a Car” in Chicago’s Little Village

7. Woman Reports Sighting of Seven-Foot Humanoid with “Veiny, Batlike Wings” in Chicago

6. “Chupacabra” Blamed for Livestock Deaths Filmed Running through Field in Bolivia

5. Trail Cam Photo of Hairy Humanoid Reportedly Taken in Pierce County, Washington

4. Multiple Witnesses Report Camouflaged Creature “Straight from the Movie ‘Predator'” in Chicago

3. Anonymous “Chicago Firefighter” Reports Sighting of Red-Eyed, Winged “Batman” at O’Hare International Airport

2. Tourist Photographs “Long Shadow” Moving Underwater in Loch Ness

1.“Huge Black Mass” That Was “Roughly the Size of a Double-Decker Bus” Reportedly Seen in Loch Ness

Keep it weird and have a Happy New Year,

Tobias and Emily

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