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The second series of ‘Uncanny’ continues as Danny Robins returns with another thrilling episode, which is available to listen to on BBC Sounds now. This week’s episode, titled ‘My Family’s Poltergeist’, delves into James’ chilling tale of a family’s encounter with mysterious and escalating events in their seemingly haunted house.

In this first part of a case spread over two episodes, Danny attempts to unravel the details of this unnerving story, bringing in expert opinions to help make sense of the inexplicable occurrences that plagued James and his family, who found themselves tormented by an unseen presence in their new home, Number 67.

What makes this case particularly chilling is the fact that the haunting escalates from strange sounds to a sense of a very real, albeit invisible, intruder. The fear and anxiety experienced by James and his family are palpable, especially as they resort to sleeping with weapons to protect themselves from the unknown entity.

James’ story revolves around his experiences in a house his family moved into, referred to as Number 67, located in Stratford-upon-Avon. James and his family were facing financial issues at the time. They decided to find a place where they could live together and share the rent. Initially, James’ cousin also joined them, but he left the house under mysterious circumstances.

Upon moving in, James and his family started to experience strange occurrences. They would hear footsteps going up the stairs and moving around the rooms when no one was there. The family also experienced loud bangs on the windows, as if someone was throwing rocks at them. These events made them feel as if someone or something was toying with them.

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As the haunting progressed, the family faced increasingly disturbing incidents. James heard an unsettling animal-like sound on the stairs, his mother witnessed a mirror falling and moving in an inexplicable way, and they even encountered an invisible intruder that left them sleeping with weapons for protection.

As always, Danny was joined by some experts in the field. They discuss the various stages of poltergeist activity and the escalating incidents at James’ house. Evelyn Hollow, a writer and parapsychologist, explains her seven-stage model for categorising poltergeist experiences. The story of Number 67 seems to fit into this model as the phenomena escalate from mere presence and noises to more threatening occurrences.

The experts discuss the effects of isolation on people’s perception of their environment and the possibility of misinterpreting sounds. They consider whether the banging on the window and the scrambling noise on the stairs could have alternative explanations, such as kids playing pranks or noises from the neighbouring terraced house. However, Evelyn emphasises the intensity of the experiences and the sense of aggression they convey.

Chris French, a respected skeptic thinker, acknowledges the fear experienced by James and his family, as it is natural for people to feel threatened by unexplained phenomena. He also suggests that high levels of fear can make people more likely to misinterpret their surroundings and that fear can be contagious.

Evelyn points out that the perceived aggression of the entity in the house may make it even more dangerous, as it appears to be escalating its activities. The experts’ discussion leaves listeners wondering what may happen next in the story and whether the situation will worsen for James and his family.

The episode leaves listeners at a terrifying moment when the family hears loud crashing noises downstairs and fears that the invisible intruder is coming for them. The story continues in next week’s episode of ‘Uncanny’. If you can’t wait until then, you can share your thoughts on the case on Twitter with @danny_robins or follow the theories being shared using the hashtag #Uncanny.
More episodes of Radio 4’s ‘Uncanny’ are available on BBC Sounds now and will also be broadcast on Saturday nights at 11:30pm on Radio 4 from April 8.

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