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When James Wan’s The Conjuring released in 2013, it was met with a degree of fanfare and critical acclaim the likes of which a horror franchise hadn’t yet witnessed in the modern era. The widespread success of the first installment alone is thought to have single-handedly resurrected a number of other popular slasher and horror films for movie-goers to delight in. But despite such attempts, The Conjuring would always have one thing that other film franchises of the genre didn’t – a true story.

The film follows the Perron family’s move to Harrisburg, Rhode Island and the well-intentioned efforts they make to turn what is essentially a run-down farmhouse into their new family home. What followed thereafter was a tirade of terrifyingly cruel and borderline demonic supernatural activity that pushed the Perron’s to the very brink of death

And the most surprising realization that viewers discovered soon after the film’s release? The Harrisburg farmhouse that served as the inspiration for the film is still standing, and the entities that were depicted as inhabiting the home are still a very constant presence.

It’s no surprise as to why, of course. A woman by the name of Bathsheba Sherman lived on the property in the early 1800s, believed by many to have been a practicing satanist and responsible for the deaths of various townspeople in that era. As the decades and centuries rolled on, family after family moved in, including a family that retained possession of the property for eight generations. The one similarity amongst them all being the torment and misfortune they encountered – including numerous drownings, murders, and suicidal hangings.

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While it’s believed that Bathsheba has always been the driving force behind the horrors that have been unfolding on the property, it’s now the spirits of all who have lost their lives here that are said to haunt it. Some for the better, some for the worse.

Recent years have seen the doors of The Conjuring House open up to the paranormal community, offering interested parties the opportunity to test their grit and bravery inside one of America’s most notoriously haunted homes. The results that these daring investigators have been met with have become a thing of legend amongst ghost hunters yet to visit the small town farmhouse.

Objects moving on their own from room to room. Furniture being shoved across the floor. Dark apparitions that have been captured lurking in the shadows of the basement and seen peering outside from the homes windows. Disembodied voices that startle the living and the unearthly stench of rot that seemingly appears as a precursor to supernatural occurrences.

As many have already heard, The Conjuring House has recently hit the market once again for a staggering $1.2 million. New owners aren’t expected anytime soon, and as such, Ghost Hunts USA has dates available all throughout 2022 for the public to join our team of expert investigators as they step foot inside the walls of this extraordinary piece of history and truly exceptional haunt. If nothing else, it’s one of the few excuses to visit Rhode Island!

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