Sanatorium Security Guard Seen Reacting to “Ghost” on Camera in Argentina

According to Clarín International, a security guard who works for a private security company hired by the clinic was stationed at the front desk when he reportedly saw an elderly woman enter the building at around 3 a.m. on November 12th.

The woman asked the guard to let her go to room 915, on the ninth floor, to look for something that she had forgotten while hospitalized there.

In the video, the hospital doors can be seen opening, then the security guard stands to release a retractable barrier, followed by him appearing to escort someone down the hallway, even offering the phantom guest a wheelchair and seemingly filling out paperwork.

The guard reportedly claimed that, when the old woman did not return, he called upstairs to verify that everything was okay.

It was then that he supposedly learned the woman had never arrived on the ninth floor and the personal information she had given him matched that of a patient who had died in room 915 only three hours earlier.

Reactions to the video by paranormal enthusiasts have been mixed.

Some viewers expressed belief in the possibility that this video could very well feature an authentic paranormal encounter, many of whom singled out hospitals specifically as places with higher-than-average occurrences of paranormal activity.

But while the video is unusual when taken at face value, there are still others who believe that skepticism is warranted.

“There is no such ghost, no dead, that has no basis,” said Guillermo Capuya, the doctor in charge of the sanatorium’s institutional public relations area.

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Capuya explained that it was suspicious for the incident to have occurred when the security guard was not accompanied by the people who were usually there with him, and that the door is known to malfunction.

Furthermore, there is no record of anyone entering the hospital at the time when the encounter purportedly took place.

“It is the door to one of the entrances that is open after hours, it is the entrance to see the duty doctor,” Capuya said. “It is the door to one of the entrances that is open after hours, it is the entrance to see the duty doctor. As it was broken, it opened by itself 28 times during the 10 hours between Thursday night and Friday early morning.”

“There is no entry record of any person at that time. This gentleman pretends to be writing something, but when you go to the registry, no one appears,” he added.

This has led skeptics to believe that the video was orchestrated by the security guard as a prank.

Despite this, hospital authorities are not ruling out any explanation just yet since the person responsible for the video is still unknown, although Capuya is confident that “it will soon be known what really happened.”

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