Photo taken of a ghost at an abandoned Scottish hut

A photographer has posted an unbelievable pic of what appears to be a ghostly face looking out of an abandoned stone hut near an old Scottish cemetery in Largs.

Reddit user Motorbiker1985 said he took the photo while living here with his now wife a few years ago.

The Czech visitor posted it to the social media site after noticing the eerie apparition in the window while he was developing the film.

The Reddit user explained that he took the pic in Autumn 2016 on a day out at Douglas Park with his wife using an old Rolleiflex camera.

He later developed the FOMA 400 film at home in a standard developing process and scanned it on Epson scanner.

Speaking about the photo, he said: “Most people I know who have seen it say it is very interesting, that is why I posted it online.

“Some see various expressions in the supposed face on the photo, some try to explain, however any explanation I have heard so far can be easily countered with various arguments.”

When people point out that it could be double exposure and a fake, the amateur photographer points out that the leaves on the tree in the pic haven’t moved at all, which they more than likely would in a double exposure and the fact he would have had to go to great lengths to only include the face in the other exposure if it was faked.

Some asked if it could just be an actual person looking out from the ruin but MB1985 thought the face would be more solid if that was the case.

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To appease those sceptical of the pic, MB1985 was even happy to include the negative of the photo which also shows the face.

Stating that he didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary at the time, the photographer added: “I will stay away from commenting on what is in the picture – I just took the photo.

“But I gladly welcome any relevant arguments as I’m truly interested in an explanation from as many people as possible.

“I think every picture like this can only benefit from proper examination and debate.

Adding that he is a rationalist, he said: “I do not hold beliefs, religious or otherwise.

“I see everything on the basis of probability.

“For example, when I was younger I always believed in the Ebu Gogo legends – tiny wild people living on an Island in Indonesia, and when I was in my teens, their remains were discovered by scientists on Flores and are now classified as Homo Floresiensis.

“So in a way, I don’t rule out even improbable things.”

Many of those commenting on the picture on social media point out that the face appears to belong to a woman.

One user even tried travelling to the spot and taking their own pics – but were unable to capture the same effect.

Paranormal expert and author of Ghosts Caught on Film, Gordon Rutter, said: “It’s an interesting picture, doesn’t seem to match up to other images of the area.

“It’s a shame the photographer didn’t take more images at the time from different angles.”

Source: Daily Record

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