Mysterious Adventures Tours Takes Curious Explorers to the Most Supernatural Places in the World

Wish to experience the thrill of Halloween on a get-away vacation? It’s all possible now with a new phenomenon that has just emerged in the adventure travel industry, called Supernatural Tourism.

A new touring company, Mysterious Adventures Tours LLC, is introducing a unique globetrotting model involving the world of the esoteric. They have designed a niche within “soft adventure” travel which will satisfy the appetite for exploring myths that haunt the most ancient lands. Familiar with the most spectral destinations in the world, their itinerary designers have crafted nine-day packaged tours escorting travelers on the most jaunting adventures.

Imagine being part of a selected few that will voyage to the most mystical countries in the world, exploring haunted castles, spectral landmarks, supernatural wonders, while taking in spinetingling legends of the unexplained.

Admired public figures in the supernatural world are engaged as hosts, prepared to take travelers to places like Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, and Romania in 2022.

Included in this celebrity lineup are Mike Ricksecker (author and publicist), Brian Cano (Travel Channel’s Haunted Collector), Rick McCallum (Hollywood Ghost Hunters), Dave Schrader (Travel Channel, Darkness Radio), Andrea Perron (The Conjuring House), and the daughters of Hecate.

Traditional accommodations are avoided as resting spots for their tours. Their crafted itineraries include the most extraordinary overnight stays in enigmatic properties such as haunted majestic castles, manor houses, and even famous historic prisons.

Depending on the tour, many include paranormal investigations or sessions with mediums, so that travelers can communicate with history, as spoken by phantoms. Not to worry about having some personal delights, for ample time is provided during the trip to enjoy the local culture with its shopping and culinary offerings.

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Most packaged tours are limited to 30 vagabonds so that attention to personal experiences is secured.

Mysterious Adventures Tours is scheduled to start their series in May 2022 with a breathtaking adventure to Romania celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Bram Stokers’ publication of Dracula.

This amazing adventure is led by internationally known Hollywood Psychic/Medium Patti Negri and Father Sebastiaan, a celebrity icon in the Vampiric realm. Having been featured on the popular Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, these two hosts bring in a strong following.

This 10-days/9-nights journey will spend a full evening in Bran (Dracula’s) Castle, with dinner followed by a 4-hour ghost hunt. The experience then takes on a phantastic trail following the life and death of Vlad Tepes III, the Impaler.

The itinerary includes striking stops of locations that few dare to venture alone. This tour is packed with experiences of the haunted, witchcraft, and (of course) vampires. Not to worry. The celebrity hosts and experienced tour guides will assure the participants’ safety as well as their mesmerizing enjoyment.

Mysterious Adventure Tours is confident that this new concept in travel will spark a new genre of exploration, as led by voyagers that are curious for the supernatural and otherworldly experiences.

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