“Ghostly Figure” Photographed at Cleethorpes Beach in England

A photograph submitted to Grimsby Live by an anonymous woman this month has some wondering if she caught a ghost on camera.

The photo was reportedly taken on May 11th at Cleethorpes Beach in England, while the woman was out walking near the promenade.

After noticing what looked like a white figure floating on the beach through heavy fog, she took two pictures of it before heading back to her car.

“I spotted this strange looking white figure floating round on the beach on Thursday evening. I was absolutely stunned so I quickly took a couple of photos and hopped into my car. The gloomy and foggy nature of the evening just made it even stranger,” she said.

The woman urged anyone in the area to “look out,” since she’s “not sure if it’s a person or something else.”

England has no shortage of reportedly paranormal phenomena, and according to a list compiled by website Psychic World and cited by Grimsby Live, Cleethorpes features several of its own ghostly stories.

Among the reported activity is the apparition of an old man who reportedly haunts the site of Wonderland—a former amusement park currently used as an indoor market. The phantom is said to sometimes call the names of those nearby, but quickly disappears when seen. Legend has it the spirit is that of a worker who lost his life on the ghost train and has haunted the site since.

However, those skeptical of a paranormal explanation for the photo suggest that the white object may be a bit of debris caught in the wind, like a plastic grocery bag.

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