First Time Ghost Hunting Frequently Asked Questions

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Public paranormal events are growing in popularity with hundreds of events being run across the country every week at some of the most notoriously haunted locations. With so many events taking place you might be thinking of embarking on your first paranormal investigation, but perhaps you’re a little unsure what you should expect.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by those who are planning on attending their first ever ghost hunting event.

What happens during a ghost hunt?

The number of guests on a paranormal event can range from just a handful in a small location like a house, up to around 40 or more people for larger locations. Depending on the group size, the guests are split in to smaller teams and spread out across the location. Where possible the teams are taken to distant locations in the building to avoid noise pollution from other teams.

The ghost hunt is carried out in the dark, and for this reason you are usually required to bring a torch with you. Once split up the teams are lead by one or more of the event organisers who will guide the guests through a series of paranormal experiments in an attempt to make contact with any spirits present or encourage paranormal activity to occur.

There are normally three sessions throughout the evening lasting about hour, with a chance for a break in between. This allows everyone the chance to investigate different areas.

What sort of paranormal experiments are conducted on ghost hunts?

Most of the experiments conducted on ghost hunts are in the form of a séance. The most common, and usually the activity which starts the night is a simple session of calling out to the spirits. This normally involves forming a circle in the dark and holding hands, so be sure to stand next to your friends or someone you find attractive.

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“Calling out” is the act of speaking aloud to any spirits and asking them to respond. If you’ve ever seen a séance or a ghost hunting team on television then you’re sure to have heard the phrase “if there’s someone here with us, can you give us a sign.”

If it’s your first time you might need to build up a bit of confidence in order to call out, but the event organisers are very good at leading a séance. They will encourage all guests to get involved, but you won’t be expected to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

Attempting to contact spirits is the theme that runs through the rest of the night but through various different methods which can include table tipping, Ouija boards, electronic ghost hunting gadgets like EMF meters, dowsing rods and the use of psychic mediums.

If you’re paying to attend an event then you really should get stuck in and the guides will give you help and advice if you’ve never used any of these methods before. However, if you don’t feel comfortable, there is always the option to sit out.

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Do I need experience at go on a ghost hunt?

No, public ghost hunting events are for paranormal investigators of all levels. The event staff often take groups of beginners aside to teach them the basics and talk them through the gadgets and methods used. On some events all the guests may be regulars, but the staff are still very good at ensuring everyone is included. The best thing you can do on a paranormal event is get involved and learn the ropes for yourself.

Will a ghost follow me home from the event?

One thing beginners worry about is whether one of the spirits from a haunted location could follow them home. It’s not likely. Spirits tend to be attached to the location they haunt, and it will almost certainly stay attached to that property indefinitely.

Thinking logically about this, the most haunted locations tend to be places like castles and old buildings of historic interest. These buildings are often tourist attractions with hundreds, if not thousands of tourists passing through their doors every day. If it were easy and common for ghosts to follow people away from these buildings, then none of them would have any ghosts left.

I’m a skeptic can I attend a ghost hunting event?

100% yes. A skeptical stand point is an important part of paranormal investigations, but remember that others at the event will have different beliefs. It’s not for you to try to convince them otherwise or debunk everything that happens, let guests make their own minds up and experience the event in their own way.

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Is there a risk of getting possessed or hurt on a ghost hunt?

No. Possession and violent acts by spirits are extremely rare, almost unheard of. There are only a few verified accounts of this happening ever.

We’ve seen an explosion of ghost hunting events in the last few years and many of the locations where these events take place are said to be haunted by demonic entities and violent poltergeists, which are historically described as being extremely dangerous. Despite this, no guests are ever injured and ghost hunting events are deemed to be totally safe for members of the public to attend.

Will a deceased family member or friend come through?

This is quite common. On public events you’ll be joined by a cross-section of people, from staunch skeptics to firm believers in the paranormal. Some guests may hold more scientific beliefs, others will be more spiritual. The aim of the event is to make contact with spirits, usually this will be the ones that haunt the location, but it’s not uncommon for a passed loved one who has followed someone to an event to make their presence known.

I attended a ghost hunt and nothing happened, is it worth returning to the same place?

Yes, the paranormal is very unpredictable, no two nights are the same and paranormal activity is never guaranteed. A paranormal investigating duo who make content for YouTube recently visited the infamous 30 East Drive, Pontefract several times and experienced no activity at all. The house, which is said to be haunted by a sinister black monk, is reputably one of the most haunted houses in the UK, but it wasn’t until after several visits to the house that they finally witnessed something unusual.

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If you’re still a little nervous about embarking on your first paranormal investigation, then build you confidence a little by reading up on the subject. We have a whole section of the website dedicated to ghost hunting.

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