Alien life may be lurking in the oceans

A former NASA scientist says there could be alien bases ‘beneath our oceans’. Kevin Knuth, a respected academic who worked with NASA at the Ames Research Center between 2001 and 2005, said there is solid logic behind the theory that extraterrestrials may prefer to base themselves underneath the sea rather than on land.

If the aliens wish to remain undetected, then Knuth says that the oceans are an ideal place. “75% of the Earth’s surface is water and we really have very little access to it. So, if you are going to hide out somewhere, that’s perfect,” he told the Theories of Everything podcast.

There have been multiple UFO encounters that have recalled the craft’s ability to move seamlessly between the ocean and the sky and Knuth further detailed why living underwater would suit alien life.

“If you come from an aquatic environment, aquatic environments on planets are going to be much better to live in than atmospheric environments. Atmospheres have a low heat capacity, so the temperature varies a lot …you get huge temperature variations,” he said.

“And then going from planet to planet, you have huge temperature variations in the atmosphere: go to Mars, and you’re looking at 100 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. You go to Venus, and you’re looking at 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s dramatic. And the air pressure is dramatically different, too, from planet to planet.”

The atmosphere on Venus, the expert explained, is 100 times denser than Earth’s, while the air on the “Martian” planet is 100 times thinner than that breathed on air. Radiation and other hazards aren’t protected against by those planets’ atmospheres. This, he explained, would make underwater areas more habitable for extraterrestrials.

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“There are all sorts of problems with living on a surface protected only by an atmosphere,” he said. “But if you live in an ocean, going to another planet with an ocean is actually a pretty good thing.

“If it’s a water ocean, then a water ocean on another planet is going to be between the temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the temperatures aren’t going to change dramatically from ocean to ocean, going from one planet to another.”

From a pressure perspective, transitioning from one ocean to another could also be an easier move for aliens. “So you can actually find a nice place to hang out if that’s the pressure you’re used to. The main differences are going to be chemicals dissolved in the ocean,” the academic said.

While Knuth gave all the reasons why an alien would base themselves beneath the waves, he warned that any human that did encounter an extraterrestrial should not touch them, due to biological differences.

“The biology is probably very different. You don’t want to touch them… your biology isn’t compatible, so there’s going to be all sorts of horrible chemical reactions,” he said. “You don’t want to come in contact with their organic molecules, because you don’t know what kind of reactions you’d have.”

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