Recently published “best photos of Nessie” shows snake-like creature

51-year-old Chi Kelly managed to capture photographs of a mysterious snake-like creature in Scotland’s Loch Ness, already being hailed as the best images of Nessie in history.

Kelly took these photos back in 2018 but refrained from sharing them until recently due to a fear of ridicule.

During the largest Nessie search in the past half-century, which took place on Loch Ness last weekend, one individual finally convinced Kelly to share the images with the public.

In August 2018, Chi Kelly, along with her husband Scott and daughter Alice, visited Scotland for a vacation at Loch Ness. On August 13, while on the shore, Kelly began taking pictures of the lake’s surroundings.

“I was just snapping photos with my Canon camera, and while taking pictures of our five-year-old daughter, Alice, I noticed a creature swimming about 200 meters from the shore, moving from right to left at a constant speed,” she recounted. “At times, it seemed to twist. We never saw a head or neck. After a couple of minutes, it simply vanished, and we never saw it again,” she informed The Telegraph.

However, in one of the shots, a small, head-like object can be seen, resembling a large dragon or dinosaur head.

Another image shows what appears to be the spotted body of a large python curled up in water.

Although Kelly and her family did not see the creature in full size, they estimated that the visible parts of its body were just under two meters long.

“At first I thought it was an otter, or two otters, or a seal, but we never saw the head, and it didn’t come up to take a breath. And it made a strange movement on the surface. We didn’t hear any sounds.

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“And under the surface of the water, some strange outlines were visible. I couldn’t tell what color it was, because the water was dark.

“I don’t know what it was, but it was definitely some kind of animal. At the time, I didn’t want to be publicly ridiculed by releasing these photos. What I saw looked like a snake,” says Kelly.

The first person, besides her family, to whom Chi Kelly decided to show these photos was Steve Feltham, who devoted 30 years of his life to searching for Nessie .

He is so “obsessed” with the Loch Ness monster that in 1991 he quit his job and sold his house.

“These are the most breathtaking pictures of Nessie I have ever seen. They are exactly the kind of pictures I myself have wanted to take for three decades.

“It is rare to see something so clear on the surface of the lake. We are lucky that Kelly finally decided to make this information public.

“I have spoken to her twice and her photos are absolutely authentic. And I convinced her and her husband that these pictures are so important that they should show them to everyone.

“They themselves want it to be investigated. It’s definitely not a floating log, it’s a living thing, and it’s completely inexplicable,” says Feltham.

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