10 Ghost Hunting Equipment You’ll Want To Check Out

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Modern ghost hunters have a range of tools at their fingertips when investigating the unknown. JOANNA HAGUE takes a look at some common ghost hunting equipment used to detect the paranormal

Ghost Hunting Equipment
Paranormal investigators use different ghost hunting equipment

I have been going on ghost hunts for years, investigating the paranormal, searching for something more. I have captured some amazing evidence on some of my equipment and wanted to share the equipment I use and why I use these devices.

Ghost Hunting Equipment


Torch Ghost Hunting Equipment

This is the most basic piece of equipment that a paranormal investigator uses. Most of the investigating happens in the dark; it is always handy to have a torch with you. If you do hear a noise, you can shine your torch to see if there is a physical source of the sound. It is also handy from a health and safety perspective; trying to walk downstairs in an unfamiliar location in the dark is not always the best option. I also know that a lot of people are scared of the dark, so having a torch can also be a form of comfort when they are scared.

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EMF Meter

This is a device that measures electromagnetic fields that are generated in electrical equipment, TVs, phones, etc, but they also measure spikes in the field, which is one of the signs that a spirit is with us. These devices are great for communicating with spirits, asking them to make the lights flash in response.

The lights on the meters start at red, move through amber to green, and I often ask for the spirits to push the lights to green in response to my questions. When using this device, it is always good for baseline tests to be conducted, as there may be hidden wires in the walls that can set the meter off, and it can be misinterpreted as spirit communication.

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Digital Recorder

Recorders are great for capturing sounds that are not necessarily heard by your ears. Using a recorder that acts as an external microphone and one that can record continuously These are again great ways of communicating with the paranormal. Sitting in a room on your own in the dark is scary enough, but when you are recording and asking out, leaving gaps for the spirits to talk to you, just like having a normal conversation, and you listen back and hear a response to your question, that is pants-wetting stuff!

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Temperature Gun

Temperature Ghost Hunting Equipment

These are, as they say, designed to read temperatures in any location. It is always good when you are using a temperature gun to conduct baseline tests throughout the day; this can help detect cold spots or hot spots in a room. They are also good at detecting these sensations if someone feels a change around them to confirm the drop or rise. With this device, it is also good to remember that naturally the temperature drops in the evening, so a couple of degrees are expected no matter what time of year it is.

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Cat Balls

Now I know this sounds like a random piece of ghost hunting equipment, but they are really useful, and they do really work. Cat balls are round plastic balls that, when touched, light up with coloured lights. These can be placed anywhere in a room, doorway, or fireplace and begin a conversation, asking for the lights to flash in response.

I have had a lot of success with these in past investigations, particularly in doorways and on fireplaces. I have to admit that it can be quite scary when you invite the spirits into the room and the ball begins to flash with no physical person around.

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These devices are designed to create their own static electromagnetic field; they are usually circular devices with four aerials on top. When something passes over them or near the aerials, they make a beeping sound. This piece of equipment is brilliant for passageways or corridors and works fantastic in doorways. This piece of equipment has made me jump out of my skin more than once on investigations. When you are sitting in the dark, being really quiet, and then this goes off with loud beeping out of nowhere, it’s enough to make you hit the ceiling.

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Motion Teddy 

This is very similar to the way that cat balls work; there are sensors inside the bear, usually one in each foot, one in each hand, one in the tummy, and one in the head. This can be a more accurate form of communication, as you are able to ask questions, stipulate yes and no answers, or ask them to touch a certain part of the bear’s body. This is a great piece of equipment to use if there are child spirits; they are always attracted to the teddy and are more likely to communicate using this.

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Robot Ghost Hunting Equipment

This is one of the most up-to-date pieces of equipment that is on the market for paranormal investigators. This robot detects motion by moving in the direction of the movement; it also has lights and can make sounds. This can be used to communicate with the spirits; they can manipulate the robot and move it in the direction that they are in. Spirits can also move the robot forward and backward to answer yes and no to questions. I have used a robot a few times, and it can be one of the funnier pieces of equipment, especially when it starts speaking out of nowhere.

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Ouija Board

Ouija Board Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ouija boards are one of the first methods of communication that were developed to talk to spirits. They have been used for over 100 years; the first one that was used was in 1886. People are often afraid to use a Ouija board due to the implication of connecting something dark or demonic. I cannot say that this won’t happen, but I would always advise caution when using them. Using the board can be a great way to communicate with the other side, but at the end of every session, always remember to close the session down by moving the planchette or glass to the goodbye on the board.

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Dowsing Rods 

Dowsing Rods Ghost Hunting Equipment

These copper rods are a simple piece of equipment shaped in an L. They are used by holding the short handles and letting the long ends go where they want. Dowsing rods are used to detect many things, including energy, which spirits are made of. The rods can move in the same direction to find where a spirit is, or they can cross or be open for communicating yes and no answers. I have seen some fantastic results using dowsing rods, but they can be unpredictable too, so it is always good to have other equipment with you to verify answers or results.

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There is lots of other equipment that you can get if you want to become a paranormal investigator; however, it can be quite costly.

New technology is always being developed every day, but I have found that sometimes the simpler the equipment, the better the result.

Have fun ghost hunting!

Do you have a favourite piece of ghost hunting equipment? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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