Best Flashlights For Ghost Hunters & Paranormal Investigations

Ghost hunting often requires a reliable source of light to navigate dark, haunted spaces. So we’ve put together a list of the top flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and other light sources that you might find useful during an investigation.

When selecting a flashlight for ghost hunting or paranormal investigations, the following features are important to consider:


A high-lumen output helps to illuminate spaces and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries in the darkness.


Choose a flashlight that is sturdy and can withstand being thrown into a kit bag and carted around to haunted locations.


Flashlights with adjustable focus, multiple lighting modes, and red mode may be more useful on an investigation. Adjustable focus allows you to shine alight on a distant spot, as well as lighting a wider area. Dimmer light and red light mode are less disruptive to the eyes and often used in investigations.

Small size

A compact and lightweight design is often a better choice for when you are already weighed down with various other pieces of ghost hunting equipment.

OLIGHT Baton 3

OLIGHT Baton 3

This tiny flashlight really packs a punch with a 1200 lumens beam that can reach distances of up to 166 meters. It’s made with aluminium and is rated as waterproof and impact-resistant. It also features a rechargeable battery and has a magnetic tail cap, which allows you to attach it to metal surfaces. Its lowest setting provides the perfect amount of light for a vigil, so as not to dazzle anyone.

Fenix LD22

Fenix LD22

This penlight-sized flashlight has a maximum output of 800 lumens. What makes this reliable flashlight good for ghost hunting is that if you run out of power, you can simply switch out the two, regular AA batteries. However, this is really your last resort as the light does come with batteries that can be recharged via the USB charging port, and are rated for 50,000 hours of operation.

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Anker Bolder LC90

Anker Bolder LC90

With slightly less power than others on this list, but a cheaper price tag, this IP65-rated water-resistant aluminium flashlight comes from Anker, a name you can trust. So although it may not be the most powerful, you know you’re never going to be left in the dark. This flashlight has a maximum output of 900 lumens, a beam distance of up to 200 meters, and features a zoom function for adjustable focus.

Maglite Mini

Paranormal Flashlight Session

These type of torches are used to conduct flashlight sessions, where spirits are said to be able to interact with the light in order to communicate by turning it on and off on demand. The reason ghost hunters use this particular model is because the head twists to turn the torch on, this means that it can be twisted until it’s on the verge of being switched on and flicks between the on and off state. It’s important to make sure you choose a model with an incandescent bulb, rather than LED. Why is this important? We’ll leave you to answer that question.

Flashlight Gloves

Flashlight Gloves

These inexpensive, comfy gloves have small but reasonably powerful LED lights built into them allowing you to use the light hands-free. The gloves are very lightweight, can be folded up tightly so that they take up virtually no room in a pocket or kitbag, and thanks to the elasticated fabric they’re made out of, will comfortably fit over the thumb and index finger of any size hand.

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Headlight Headlamp
A headlamp can be useful on a ghost hunt as it allows for hands-free illumination, allowing you to navigate dark spaces and keep both hands free for other tools or equipment. Some headlamps also have a red light mode, adjustable focus, and multiple lighting modes, making them versatile tools for paranormal investigations.

Below are some highly rated and trusted headlamps for consideration, all of which are perfect for paranormal investigations:

Rechargeable Lantern

Rechargeable Lantern

Portable lanterns can provide a wide and bright light source for large rooms or outdoor environments. They are useful for lighting a base room, or for setting up a paranormal experiment in a larger area.

Ultraviolet Flashlight

UV Torch Ultraviolet Flashlight

UV flashlights can help reveal hidden markings, stains and other anomalies that might indicate paranormal activity. They’re also very easy on the eye when suddenly turned on in a dark environment in the middle of a ghost hunt.

Coloured Flashlights

Green LED Flashlight Coloured Torch
Coloured lights, such as green, red or blue lights, can be used to enhance visibility in specific environments, and are kinder on the eyes when turned on in a dark environment, making them perfect for digging an extra bit of equipment out of your kit bag mid-vigil.

Laser Grids

Green Laser
Laser pens or laser grids can be used in paranormal investigations as additional tools to explore dark, haunted spaces. A laser pen can be used as a pointer to identify specific areas of interest, while a laser grid can project a pattern of laser beams that can help reveal potential paranormal activity or anomalies in the environment.

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