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In the Old West days, the Montana Territory was a lawless place full of vigilante justice. That’s why, in 1867, the Montana Territory Prison was first built. Within just a month after it opened, the prison was overcrowded… and it continued to be overcrowded for the next 100+ years, despite having more towers and cellblocks built by prison labor. Within its cramped walls, many prisoners lived out their days. Spirits who were once criminals or prison guards are said to haunt the place to this day.

Are There Really Spirits in the Old State Prison?

Visitors have reported a variety of paranormal experiences within the prison walls. Records show that the living conditions were nearly intolerable with deadly heat, unhygienic living spaces, and corrupt management. Many men suffered and died here. There were several violent riots and attempted prison breaks over the years, with one such riot leading to a hostage situation and a bloody murder-suicide at the top of the Death Tower. In other words, there are many unhappy souls who have ties to this place.

People have said they heard cries of “help me” or “get out” while wandering the long-abandoned cellblocks. Visitors report an unpleasant, sinister energy in some areas of the Old Montana State Prison. A few people even claim to have seen apparitions and many have been touched by a strange presence. If there really are spirits here, we can’t blame them for being unhappy.

Hunting for Ghosts at the Old Montana State Prison

Whether you’re a skeptic or you’re 100% on board with the presence of the paranormal, a ghost hunt at the Old Montana State Prison is a fascinating experience. With Ghost Hunts USA, you can join an overnight paranormal investigation with access to the most haunted areas of the prison.

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Led by an experienced investigator, you will be able to use EMF readers and other equipment to detect paranormal presences. Your guide will be there to lead vigils and answer your questions about the prison and its inhabitants, and they will walk you through the most active areas of the compound so you can experience everything the prison has to offer.

Why Visit the Prison?

Still not sure whether you want to visit the Old Montana State Prison? We can assure you – it’s worth the trip. This enormous, castle-like compound has the elegance of many late 1800s/early-1900s buildings, but with tall, formidable walls surrounding it on all sides. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and for good reason: it’s a fascinating place with a rich and storied history that goes back all the way to the frontier days.

Maybe you’ll even get the chance to interact with the spirits of the prisoners, such as these men:

  • The unfortunate inmate who “cooked to death” trapped in a hot tower
  • The creepy prisoner who allegedly worshipped the devil
  • The devious prisoner who started a famous, deadly riot and hostage situation
  • The inmate who shot and killed the prison warden in 1959
  • The Deputy who was stabbed to death and his two killers, who were executed within prison walls
  • Or, one of the other unhappy souls who lived his life out inside these walls.

Join a Ghost Hunts USA tour at the Old Montana State Prison for a one-of-a-kind paranormal experience.

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