What do you wear to a paranormal investigation?

The other day I was talking to some girlfriends about my spooky extra curricular activities and their expression of interest of coming along to an investigation with me. The question then came up …. ‘What do I wear?’. At the time I thought this was hilarious. Its a haunted location not a nightclub. Not a place to pick up a date (or it can be in some cases, you don’t know who you might meet ), but in some ways it was also a valid question. So here is my essential guide on the dos and donts of what to wear to a paranormal investigation.

(special note: the picture is one of me on my very first parnormal investigation 6 years ago!)

Leave the high heels at home!

First of all to all my sisters out there. High heels are a no no. Whilst they might look fabulous with your outfit, it is not a good idea for a few reasons.

1/ There is usually a lot of walking and a lot of stairs. You will end up with sore feet and we all know it isn’t a good look to be walking home at 3am with your heels in hand.

2/ Heels are noisy. When investigators are recording things like evps or doing vigils in a room, they might get excited when they hear some loud footsteps coming their way. When they are debunked to being your high heels, you will be told to stay put so not to contaminate any evidence. That’s no fun for anyone.

3/ If it is winter, it gets really really really really cold. Cold feet = cranky.

4/ Sometimes the locations are really dirty and your beautiful shoes can get ruined. Comfort is a must. Runners are an excellent choice as they are comfortable and allow you to wear socks (sometimes two pairs). I personally wear flat boots with socks because I like that they cover my ankles and keep me warm. As they don’t have a heel they are not noisy and don’t contaminate the evidence. I also take with me a spare pair of socks because sometimes (don’t ask me how) but your feet get wet and again wet socks =cranky so I always recommend taking a second and possibly third pair as a spare to ensure ultimate comfort.

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Dress to the weather conditions

Generally as for the rest of your outfit, you can wear anything you want. I would avoid wearing something like a mini skirt. There can be a lot of bending to pick up and set down equipment or sitting on a cold concrete floor and well use your imagination! It isn’t practical or comfortable.

Jeans or tracksuit pants are again and excellent choice (or even shorts on a very hot summer night). I would try to avoid wearing the parachute kind of tracksuit pants that will make a rustling noise every time you move. Again for the same reason as no high heels it can contaminate things and every time you move you would have to say ‘that noise was me’ so that when reviewing the evidence later, it is not mistaken for something else. Big puffer jackets are warm and comfortable but can also be noisy. If you are wearing one, try to stay still during evp sessions or you will pick up the rustling noise. I know I am guilty with a puffer jacket – but it’s so warm!!

Take a nice warm jacket in winter and possibly a scarf. These places can get really cold and once it hits around 2am it can be absolutely freezing. You are tired and possibly starting to get over it. Being cold could send you over the edge (trust me happened to me before and it is fun for no one). I always suggest wearing multiple layers. Some rooms or areas are colder or warmer than others. If you are dressed in layers, you can add or remove clothing as you need. Dress to the weather conditions!

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Equally, if it is hot, remember these places probably won’t have air con. When you pack a bunch of people in a small room it gets stuffy and hot. If you are wearing too many clothes, you may overheat and feel faint. Some could mistake this as a paranormal experience when really you need fresh air.

I once made the mistake of wearing jeans with big rips in them because that was the fashion. In my defence, at the time I didn’t know I was going to be doing an investigation but I got really cold, and it hurt my knees everytime I knelt down on the floor. It’s not a fashion contest but you can still retain your ‘special style’. A lot of people wear black and there are a lot of skull or gothic style t shirts that seems to be a style of choice! There is no rule that says you have to wear something gothic or black if you don’t like it. It is more that the type of people that are into paranormal investigating do have an interest into gothic/dark things. Don’t conform to a particular style because you think you have to! If you want to wear a bright and happy colourful shirt – go for it because it represents you!

You don’t have to wear team shirts

Finally, there is no rule that you have to wear matching team shirts. Go for it if you want to, but you can be part of a group and not wear the shirts! They do serve a purpose in a lot of cases but it is not a general rule. If you are running an event for example, it allows the guests to know who the investigators in charge are so some sort of shirt can be helpful. At locations that are in suburban areas, residents sometimes might be on the lookout if they see people walking around the property. They may become suspicious and report it, even though you will have permission to be there of course, sometimes the neighbours don’t know that. If they call authorities or some sort of management, when you have your team shirts on, it is easy to identify and clarify with management that you are allowed to be there. It can also just be a nice fun thing to do and feel a part of something. I did the team thing and I did the team shirt thing for a long time. After I stopped running major events, I don’t wear a shirt. For myself, I am my own person with my own style which I like to reflect.

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The point is that it doesn’t really matter, wear what you want to, but do try to be mindful of things that can interfere with the investigation. Noisy shoes and clothing can be a distraction and ultimately you need to be comfortable. Trust me, when you spend 12 hours at a location in the freezing cold you will thank me!

Tell me below, what are your tips for what to wear on an investigation?

Disclaimer: You can wear whatever you want. This is all in fun!!

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