Video Surfaces of Deceased Bird Seemingly Suspended in Midair in British Columbia

The videos feature closeup footage of what appears to be a deceased bird floating in the air near some power lines.

“That’s a dead bird and it is just floating in the air, no strings, no nothing,” a man can be heard to say in the first video.

That man agreed to speak with Glacier Media Group on the condition of anonymity.

“There was absolutely nothing we could see with the human eye that was holding it or attached to it,” he said. “Very weird and eerie.”

The second video was reportedly shot by two students on their way to school.

“That’s so fricking weird, man,” one of them says.

“It’s just so weird because it should be moving,” the other replies.

Paranormal enthusiasts have been quick to speculate that the bird represents a “glitch in the matrix”—an unusual event caused by an unexpected error in the simulation that some people believe controls reality.

However, others have offered a more prosaic explanation: the bird became caught on fishing line.

Fishing line is a common environmental hazard for birds, who can easily become entangled.

Some viewers of the videos believe the likeliest explanation is that the bird somehow became caught in fishing line—which would be extremely difficult to see—and was suspended between two trees on either side of the road.

It has also been speculated that the event could have been a prank.

“I have not conducted any video analysis,” said Paul Kingsbury, a geography professor at Simon Fraser University who researches paranormal activity. “But given the proximity of trees and telegraph wires, I would suggest some kind of invisible suspension material such as a fishing line is involved rather than a glitch in an incomplete reality.”

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The event was “certainly mysterious, perhaps paranormal, but captivating as well, almost reminiscent of an artwork, a kind of impromptu Banksy paranormal moment, perhaps,” he continued. “I wonder if it will come back to the same place, maybe another place. If it is a prank, then someone’s got a bit of talent here and so I wonder if there’ll be a follow-up show.”

There may not be any definitive solution to the mystery forthcoming, since the bird went missing soon after its discovery.

Area resident Kristina Deane went to the location to investigate the following Wednesday afternoon, but by the time she arrived at around 4:30 p.m., the bird had disappeared.

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