US Representative Talks UFO Reverse Engineering, Alien Contacts, Cover-Ups and More

Ever since the passing of Harry Reid, the United States senator from Nevada, Senate Majority Leader and staunch proponent of the disclosure of secret government files on UFOs and extraterrestrial contact, those interested in the same goals have been waiting patiently for a new vanguard. While Florida Senator Marco Rubio has championed funding for federal and Pentagon organizations to collect the data and make it available on a regular basis, no one has taken to the public airwaves like Harry Reid – who appeared on newscasts, podcasts and in print to talk UFOs. The person to fill Reid’s big space shoes may have finally emerged – he is U.S. Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee. While Burchett has been vocal during and after his appearances at Pentagon UFO briefings, he recently made a statement about the military reverse-engineering crashed UFOs that makes one wonder if he is ready to take the mantle from the late Senator Reid.

Has this already happened?

“Too many people in the know have told me that, and that we had to do something with these multiple craft that have crashed and we do not have the technology … I just believe it in my heart. I’ve talked to too many pilots, top, top pilots, our Navy pilots, the best pilots in the world, that have said this is what they’ve seen.”

“That”, according to Burchett, is crashed UFOs of an unknown origin. He made this statement during interviews concerning the recent shooting down of UFOs that were identified as balloons – one from China, others never recovered nor positively identified nor traced to their origin point. While Burchett said at the time that “These objects are likely coming from China or maybe some other country, but probably not extraterrestrial,” he emphasized that all “foreign objects that enter our airspace” need to be dealt with as “potential threats” to the U.S. What about to the entire planet?

“We are not alone. Washington needs to release the un redacted files. Let the people decide.”

“We are not alone.” “Let the people decide.” That tweet from Burchett sounds like something the late Senator Reid would say. While Burchett may be late getting into the UFO game, he is quickly making up for lost time. In an op-ed in the Washington Examiner in late 2022, he criticized the Pentagon’s UFO reports for being far from the “fresh start” on disclosure that the organization had promised. After years of saying nothing about “the many reports of extraordinary UAP sightings from our military personnel” which Burchett says have been “misidentified weather phenomena, aircraft, or balloons,” many more are ”vehicles controlled by an unknown source.” Burchett pointed out that the latest Pentagon briefing revealed that it found 144 unexplained UAP encounters, but only provided data on one.

“Who on Earth wants to read a report that provides information on less than 1% of the encounters it is supposed to address?”

Burchett then starts to reveal what he has found in his own investigations as a U.S. Representative.

“The maddening thing is there are much better witnesses who could, and should, testify before Congress that would be much more helpful. There was a Navy pilot in the hearing room who reported UAP encounters, and he could have personally testified about his experience, but they didn’t let him.”

What kinds of details could that pilot have revealed?

“ … a craft which I believe at some point […] we have obtained some materials that are not of this world that are being studied by different members of industry I’ve been told.”

In interviews with Newsweek Burchett has alleged that the federal government and the Pentagon are in volved in a “huge cover-up, for whatever reason” which he dismisses as “shenanigans.” During on congressional hearing, Burchett was asked specifically if the U.S. has recovered craft “that is not from the planet Earth,” and his response was: 

“At some point, I believe that has happened.”

It is obvious that Representative Burchett is becoming, intentionally or not, the leading political spokesperson for UAP and extraterrestrial disclosure, and strongly states that he has been made aware of evidence of crashed UFOs and extraterrestrials from reliable sources. This past week, he took a big step towards revealing some of that information himself.

“I think that a lot of that’s being reverse-engineered right now, but we just don’t understand it.”

Has a U.S. political representative ever said in public that his country is in possession of materials from extraterrestrial space ships and is in the process of revere-engineering those materials … but is frustrated because our own technology for analysis is too primitive to accomplish the task? Outside of in the movies, this has not been the case. Why doesn’t Representative Burchett take the next step and either force the Pentagon to release the data or gain possession of it and release it himself … becoming the hero of millions, perhaps even billions, of UFO disclosure supporters?

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Are there UFOs being reverse-engineered? 

“We also need to get rid of the stigma that comes with reporting UAP sightings in our military. Service members who report UAP sightings are patriots who are doing their jobs to the best of their ability, but many of them have not been treated as such. They have been mocked by their colleagues for simply reporting what they saw, and that kind of behavior needs to end.”

A cynical response to this avoidance of personal involvement on Burchett’s part might be that he’s concerned about winning re-election – representatives run every two years, while senators like the late Harry Reid spend six years in office. Burchett could also be concerned about the rights and security of the service members and members of the general public who might be ‘outed’ by these UFO revelations. That could be resolved by getting permission from them, but this is a time-consuming process. However, if Representative Burchett truly believes these are “patriots” doing their jobs, perhaps he should also consider doing his job and push harder for the disclosure of UFO crashes, alien contact and space ship reverse-engineering he so strongly believes is happening and being covered up.

Don’t be a part of the problem, Representative Burchett. As you said, “that kind of behavior needs to end” and you could be the leader of the movement.

The people have already decided.

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