Unseen Video Footage From Higgypop’s Ghost Hunt At The Ancient Ram Inn

As all followers of the paranormal know, sometimes it’s the quiet moments that hold the most suspense. We bring you an exclusive video, courtesy of Steve Higgins, the founder of the paranormal website He’s shared some unseen footage from his latest ghost hunting expedition at the Ancient Ram Inn for his documentary ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’.

The video focuses on a vigil held in the infamous Bishop’s Room, a location saturated with stories of spectral sightings. Yet, what distinguishes this vigil is not the dramatic manifestation of spirits but the calm, near silent atmosphere that persists throughout the night. Even in this relative quiet, the unseen vigil provides an enlightening glimpse into the less glamorous, but equally important, side of paranormal investigations.

Steve strategically positions devices around the room, including a vibration sensor and a rem pod, both non-aggressive tools designed to encourage interaction from any resident spirits. The vigil follows a respectful, patient approach, reinforcing the ethics of responsible ghost hunting.

Throughout the vigil, Steve engages in what paranormal investigators call “calling out” or “asking out.” This method, a staple in most ghost hunts, involves vocally inviting any spirits present to communicate or interact with the investigator. Steve employs this technique several times, gently encouraging the spirits to make their presence known through a variety of actions, be it touching a device, making a sound, or simply moving within the room.

The intention behind “calling out” is grounded in the belief that spirits might be more inclined to interact when addressed directly and respectfully. It operates on the assumption that spirits maintain some level of consciousness and awareness of their surroundings, allowing them to respond to specific requests or prompts. The approach offers a means of possible interaction that avoids provocation or coercion, instead fostering a space of mutual respect between the living and the dead.

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While the Bishop’s Room vigil may not provide overt ghostly interactions, it offers viewers an authentic, measured look at paranormal investigations. This is a realm where patience, respect, and a willingness to engage in silent vigils are as crucial as capturing clear evidence of the supernatural.

The full documentary, ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’, is currently available to stream exclusively on, following Steve as he spends an entire night in the Ancient Ram Inn. It’s worth noting that the documentary has already been named as an official selection for the 2023 Fortean Film Festival, happening this October.

The unseen vigil video offers an instructive peek into the authentic practice of ghost hunting. Likewise, ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’ provides viewers with an immersive experience into the peculiar world of the paranormal, showing what it’s like to spend an entire night in one of the UK’s most haunted locations.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic paranormal investigator, an avid follower of all things eerie, or a casual observer, we invite you to watch the unseen vigil and the full documentary. Experience ghost hunting in its honest form, devoid of spectacle but full of the quiet anticipation that defines this fascinating field.

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