Two fighter jets chased a fleet UFO’s and was seen by 300 witnesses

Radar footage of a hot pursuit between two fighter jets and a mile-wide fleet of UFOs has been revealed to the public.

The incident occurred 15 years ago in a remote town in Texas, where up to 300 locals reported witnessing the jaw-dropping chase of up to 12 mystery craft flying in unison.

Initially, the US Air Force denied any of its jets were in the area at the time. However, after an internal communications mistake was discovered, the military conceded that aircraft had indeed been near the town of Stephenville when the pursuit was witnessed.

Further investigations were carried out by UFO investigators who used Freedom of Information laws to obtain radar footage from the night of the sighting, which showed the UFOs appearing on radar and being pursued by the jets.

This footage is among 510 close encounters between military personnel and unidentified craft currently being probed by the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office on behalf of the US Defence Department.

The existence of the footage was revealed in National Geographic’s new series ‘UFOs: Investigating The Unknown’ screened on Monday night.

Former US deputy assistant secretary of defence for intelligence, Christopher Mellon, described the sighting as “very intriguing.” Eyewitnesses, including Lee Roy Gaten, a police officer, and private airline pilot Steve Allen, described the UFOs as fluorescent orbs moving incredibly quickly and making movements beyond any manmade aircraft.

The military top brass, however, remained tight-lipped about the incident, leaving many unanswered questions about the nature and origin of the enigmatic objects.

As investigations continue, this startling revelation adds a new chapter to the ongoing mystery surrounding UFO sightings and encounters.

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