Trio of Witnesses Reportedly Spot “Bigfoot” from Train in Colorado

Shannon was also able to take a few pictures of the creature with her camera.

Stetson estimated the creature had to be at least several hundred yards away from the moving train, however, he was still able to see that it was walking on two legs before squatting down in an apparent attempt to hide.

“It wasn’t moving like a bear or anything else I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Shannon noted that the color of the creature’s fur matched the surrounding landscape.

“You can hardly see him in the shrubbery. He really blends in,” she said.

The video posted to Twitter has approximately six million views so far, and responses have been largely negative.

Whatever they saw, the experience was fairly convincing for those who were there.

“From our perspective, it seemed pretty legit,” Shannon said of the mysterious humanoid.

Stetson said, “It was hard to comprehend what I was seeing. It was hard to explain and tell my brain what it was, so in a moment of comic relief, I said, ‘It’s Bigfoot.’”

But those skeptical of the video and photographic evidence had other ideas.

Some thought the figure was likely to be a hunter in ghillie suit camouflage.

However, Stetson said, as a hunter himself he doubted that hypothesis.

Stetson found it unusual that the supposed hunter had no visible rifle or bow and said he is familiar enough with ghillie suits that he’s confident he would recognize one if he saw it.

“I’ve seen people in ghillie suits, I’ve worn a ghillie suit in the military,” Stetson said.

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Stetson finished his service with the Air Force in 2021 after having been stationed at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming since 2017.

Other skeptics thought that it might be the railroad pulling a publicity stunt.

Yet, when Shannon asked the train crew if they had ever heard any other reports of passengers seeing Bigfoot from the train, they had not.

Furthermore, Shannon said, if this was a publicity stunt, then the costumed actor should have been much closer and more visible to the entire train instead of being so far away that only a few people in the last car managed to see them.

Nonetheless, a person in a costume may be to blame, according to Bigfoot researcher Aleksandar Petakov.

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