there may be an alien civilization

About 100 light-years away lies the most mathematically perfect planetary system astronomers have ever seen.

At the end of last year, astronomers discovered a planetary system with an ideal arrangement of six worlds in it. This system is so mathematically perfect that it seems to have been created artificially.

The authors of a new study, published in Research Notes AAS, suggested that on one or more planets in this perfectly synchronized system, there may be an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that is technologically advanced enough to detect signs of aliens. Therefore, their search began, writes ScienceAlert.

About 100 light-years away, the orange dwarf star HD 110067 is orbited by six planets, each orbiting in perfect harmony with the other worlds.

This system has ideal orbital resonances of the planets, and such a configuration of planetary systems is extremely rare. It is believed that this system has been in a stable state since its formation approximately 1 billion years ago.

Studying the star system HD 110067 is very important for astronomers due to its very rare configuration. Authors of the new study believe that such stability of the planetary system could lead to the emergence of extraterrestrial life on one or even several planets, which turned into a technologically advanced civilization.

All six planets in this system are slightly larger than Earth but smaller than Neptune, and some are thought to be capable of supporting liquid water, which is the basis for known life. Therefore, it was decided to look for signs of the presence of so-called alien technosignatures in the HD 110067 system.

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It is known that radio signals from Earth remain quite strong within a radius of 100 light years from our planet.

But the study’s authors decided to take the type of radio emission produced by Earth technology and extrapolate from it what some alien technology might look like, to create a wavelength range and signal structure for searching for aliens.

Scientists conducted a thorough search for radio signals that indicate the existence of past or current alien technology in the HD 110067 system. The study authors eliminated any signals that could have come from Earth, and still did not find any signs of alien technology during this phase of the search.

Although the scientists didn’t find anything, they think the system is intriguing enough to be worth returning to in the future with more precise observations. Therefore, the search for technical signatures will continue.

The research has been published in the Research Notes of the AAS.

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