Strange lights filmed in the skies of Houston

These strange-looking lights were filmed with a HD camera over the skies of Houston Texas around 2:30 am back on March 30 2015. They were apparently visible for around two hours before disappearing.

The video was submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) which they listed as case 65255. They then uploaded the video clip to their YouTube channel.

The Houston resident who shot the footage said that he originally thought it was just a star but had second thoughts when we saw it change colour. He them grabbed his camcorder which he had in is truck and started filming it.

Looking at the comments on YouTube, it appears one or two others have witnessed similar lights in New Orleans, San Diego and even Qingdao in China.

This is the footage.  It does look quite bizarre, and its very clear 720p footage which is very rare considering the usual blurry or hazy UFO video footage that normally surfaces.



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