Strange debris in Roswell may prove 1947 UFO crash

American geologist Frank Kimbler ,passionate about ufology, has been searching with a metal detector since 2010 the area around the town of Roswell in New Mexico, famous for the fact that a strange object fell from the sky there in 1947.

Officially, the US authorities stated that it was a secret military weather balloon that monitored nuclear weapons tests. However, most ufologists and ordinary people believe that an alien ship with a crew crashed there.

That the wreckage of the ship was taken away by the military and subsequently carefully studied, and among the crew there were one or two survivors, who were then interrogated and received a lot of valuable information from them.

Metal fragments found at 1947 crash site.

This theory is supported by the words of several dozen people, some of whom, as they say, were involved in transporting the debris, studying the bodies of the dead crew , or even talked with a surviving alien.

But alas, words are just words, and physical evidence of the reality of the Roswell UFO crash has not yet been presented to the public. However, Frank Kimbler’s discovery may finally get the ball rolling. Over 14 years of searching, Frank found more than 20 unusual pieces of metal here.

Very small, no larger than a fingernail, but chemical analysis of the most unusual of them showed that it was 100% pure aluminum. Such pure aluminum does not exist in nature, and high-purity aluminum is used mainly in the space industry, and with the development of computer technology, it is used in hard drives. If just a weather balloon, that is, a balloon with sensors, had actually crashed in Roswell, where would the purity of the aluminum come from?

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It is believed that it is not usually used in probes, it is too expensive, even in military applications. Especially in those distant years. The story of Frank Kimbler and his strange discovery was recently featured in the documentary series Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction on the Discovery Channel.

Frank Kimbler

Experts who studied one of the pieces said it provided “convincing evidence” that aliens actually crashed in the area decades ago. According to show host Chrissy Newton, a former Pentagon ufologist (she did not name him) told her that similar pieces of pure aluminum were found at other UFO crash sites.

Kimbler, who teaches geology at the New Mexico Military Institute when he’s not searching for UFO debris, says he pulled this particular piece out of an anthill in a field near Roswell.

He says that ants have long been known for bringing small pieces of gold, copper, nickel, bronze and other minerals into their anthills, and people who were looking for these deposits often stirred up anthills to see if there was anything in these places. something valuable.

Kimbler also admits that not all of the strange debris he found could be from a UFO. It is quite possible that some of them are simply rubbish left by tourists. But some things may be “very interesting.”

Tom Hossain, chief scientist at Cerium Labs, where Kimbler’s sample was tested, said not only is the piece of aluminum unusual in its purity, but it is also different from the industrial aluminum used in various industries.

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“Most of the aluminum used is anodized aluminum,” says Hossain. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that transforms a metal surface into a decorative, durable, and corrosion-resistant coating known as anodic oxide.

This protects the metal underneath this finish from corrosion due to reaction with oxygen molecules present in both the air and water. Hossein also revealed that the fragment is not an alloy, but actually pure aluminum.

roswell ufo crash
According to eyewitnesses of the events in Roswell, at the crash site they found pieces of metal that crumpled quite well, but at the same time returned to its previous shape.

There are also known photos from Roswell, where the military examines what looks like pieces of foil. It was later stated that these were parts of a weather balloon.

But if the piece of aluminum Kimbler found is part of this “foil”, then this probe would be worth a fortune. It is difficult and expensive to produce such pure aluminum. And what purpose did pure aluminum serve in the probe? None of this makes any sense if it was just a weather balloon.

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