Strange Cases of Criminals Mind Controlled by Aliens

Over the years there have been some pretty strange excuses dredged up by criminals on the spot. It seems like they will sometimes do anything to avoid culpability, from blaming demons to claiming to be hypnotized. Among these strange defenses are perhaps the weirdest of all — those people who say that aliens made them do it. 

In 1993, a gruesome series of murders was carried out by then 34 year-old Robert Joe Moody, at the time a financial planner and real estate agent in Tucson, Arizona. In November of that year, Moody brutally attacked an acquaintance of his by the name of Michelle Malone, 33, horrifically beating and shooting her to death. At the time he wasn’t connected to the crime, and might have even gotten away with it, but five days later he killed again. This time his victim was his neighbor, 56 year-old Patricia Magda, who he ruthlessly killed by slitting her throat and then bludgeoning her with hedge clippers. Before killing Malone, he had forced her to write him a check for $500, making her write out a new one when blood got smeared on it, and he also pawned two guns stolen from Malone’s home and robbed Magda as well. After this second cold hearted killing he was arrested and put on trial for murder, where things would get pretty strange, indeed.

Moody was immediately an unsettling presence in the courtroom, not only because of the viciousness of the crimes he had committed, but also because he spent much of the proceedings with a gleeful smile on his face. His was not the demeanor of a man facing the death penalty, but rather that of a kid in a candy store, and he often waved and mugged for the packed courtroom. It was when Moody, who opted to represent himself, was questioned on his motives that things would really get bizarre. He would claim that he had killed the two women because aliens from outer space, which he called “extrasensory biological entities,” had told him to, and that they had compelled him to act out these horrific crimes through telepathic mind control. Interestingly, he did not try to use this bonkers story to get off the hook, rather, he admitted to full guilt and actually wanted to be executed because he believed the aliens would resurrect him with their technology and he would be able to finally prove to the world that they really exist. Indeed, one of the reasons he had chosen to represent himself in court was that his original defense attorney wanted to pursue a plea of insanity, whereas Moody wanted to make sure he was executed for what he had done so that the aliens could work their magic. He would say of it:

We have finally come to the point where I get my birthday wish. I hope you grant the appropriate sentence to allow me to complete my mission.

He got exactly what he wanted, and showed no remorse or reaction when his death sentence was read out. Much to his disappointment, the death penalty would be thrown out and he would get consecutive life sentences instead, due to the fact that it was determined that he had been too incompetent to represent himself in court and a second trial did not give out the death penalty. On October 7, 2019, Moody would die in prison at Yuma, Arizona, from unspecified causes. No word on whether the aliens fulfilled their end of the bargain by resurrecting him. 

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Another murder along these lines played out in Alaska, where a Christopher Erin Rogers went on a vicious rampage that would end with two people dead and several others badly hurt. It began on December 2, 2007, when Rogers killed his father with a machete and attacked his dad’s fiancée and dog in the city of Palmer, after which he went into nearby Anchorage and randomly shot three strangers, killing one of them and sending the others to the hospital in critical condition. Apparently, he had spent days creeping around, hopping over fences and hiding in the dark corners of people’s yards casing the area and looking for the opportunity to kill, and the crime shocked and horrified the Anchorage area at the time. Under questioning, Rogers waived his right to have a lawyer present and readily admitted to the crimes and told authorities that he had actually planned to kill more, and that he had even hoped to kill some cops for good measure but his gun had jammed. The motive? Why, because aliens told him to do it, of course. Rogers, would explain of the insidious alien plan:

They wanted me to kill a bunch of people. It was very strange but I tried my best to accommodate them. I heard these voices telling me I had to go do it. I had this obligation, so to speak. They were getting me all mixed up. I didn’t know what was black, white, up, down, inside out. I didn’t know. I mean, I’d still wake up in the morning like anybody else, drink a cup coffee, smoke a cigarette. I’d say, ‘What the hell?’ This, that, this, that. And then this alien thing comes in, ‘Hey, you gotta do your job. You gotta do it.’ I’m some kind of subspecies. I had to prove myself to them. … And they hate humans. They use them for food. I don’t understand it at all. I’m not sorry I did it. I wish I’d used a different tool (to kill my father). I really do. It wouldn’t have been so messy, and it wouldn’t have been such hard work. Even the aliens were displeased about that.

Rogers was convicted of murder and attempted murder and sentenced to a total of 498 years behind bars. Whether his alien overlords will bail him out remains to be seen. It would seem that murders are not the only crimes aliens seem to be interested in, and plenty of other lesser criminals have acted under their mysterious influence. In October of 2017, 31-year-old Anouphong Inphachack was arrested for going on a rampage of vandalism in his normally quiet neighborhood in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Over the period of a week he allegedly spray painted the word “DNA” on several homes, broke a window, dented a car, and tried to set a house on fire multiple times. When police arrested him, he had a hatchet in his pocket and a wild story to tell. You see, the reason he had committed all of this vandalism and arson was that extraterrestrials had given him an alien virus that had changed his DNA and controlled his mind to do their bidding. Why aliens would go through all of this trouble to vandalize a nondescript suburban neighborhood was not made clear, but he insisted it was true. He even went as far as to say that arson had not been in their plans, and so the aliens had extinguished the fires using “black magic.” He would explain more about these aliens, saying:

They are switching dimensions all the time. Setting people up for a bad time. I’m telling you the truth. Alien virus to evolve mankind.

Inphachack was ultimately charged with two counts of felony arson of a building, two misdemeanor counts of graffiti, two counts criminal damage to property, and one misdemeanor count of carrying a concealed weapon. In another case, in 2011, 28-year-old Justin Massler was arrested for stalking Ivanka Trump, who is the first daughter of former president Donald Trump. Over the course of his stalking campaign, Massler sent Ivanka creepy emails and Twitter messages – including a picture of himself drenched in blood- and also once threatened to kill himself inside Ivanka’s high-end Madison Ave. jewelry store. He had been slapped with an order of protection but defied it, making it a felony crime with a possible sentence of up to four years in prison. During his trial, Messler, who gave his address as a “volcano in Hawaii,” claimed that he did it because he was “under some supernatural influence,” that he had been mind-controlled by aliens, and he had posted numerous bizarre videos to YouTube in which he expounds on his claim he is a victim of alien mind-control. In the end he was sentenced to one year at Bellevue Hospital’s psychiatric ward. 

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In yet another recent case, in February of 2022, police in the state of Georgia, in the United States, received a call from a panicked woman claiming that someone was trying to kill her. When they arrived at the scene, which happened to be the parking lot of a church, the victim was bleeding heavily, and not too far away lay a vehicle, engine running, wheels spinning, doors open, and with no one inside. The disoriented woman was taken to a hospital while the police searched for the perpetrator, and as they did so another report was sent through 911 to the police about a trespasser on the front porch of a nearby home. There police apprehended a man by the name of Joel Lankford, who was then established to be the same man who had been with the woman at the church. He would claim that not only had aliens made him crash, but that they had also transported him to his current location. He also claimed that he was disoriented because the aliens had supposedly teleported him from Lilburn, about eighteen miles away, and that he thought he was still there. Considering that all of this was delivered with slurred speech and breath reeking of alcohol, he was charged with driving while under the influence, leaving the scene of the accident, and failing to render aid. The woman was later able to explain that she knew him and had been in the car with him at the time, although it is unclear why she told police that someone was trying to kill her.

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It is up to you to decide if any of these cases were the actual doing of aliens or not. Considering the alcohol in one case and the fact that several of these suspects were diagnoed as schizophrenic, that might say a lot. Yet it is curious that they should turn to aliens in their defense. It would seem one would have to be pretty desperate to fall back on that one. If it was really aliens, then one has to ask oneself why they would even bother. Why would these beings be interested in manipulating us in such a way? As some sort of study on our society or just for the fun of it? It all certainly odd, no matter what the case may be. 

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