Is it possible to detect aliens terraforming other worlds?

Fire is one of humanity’s first technologies to alter the environment since its inception hundreds of thousands of years ago.

But today our world is on the threshold of a new era, where technology and the biosphere are becoming inextricably linked.

In the modern world, a new concept has emerged – the biotechnosphere, which combines living nature and technology .

The biosphere is that part of the Earth where life exists. Biotechnosphere , on the other hand, represents the intersection of the biosphere and modern technology. This word is becoming increasingly relevant in our world, where technology is beginning to have an increasingly significant impact on the biosphere.

Scientists have noticed this phenomenon. An article “Planetary biotechnospheres, biotechnosignals and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence” appeared in the International Journal of Astrobiology under the authorship of Professor of Physics and Astronomy Irina Romanovskaya from Houston College, known for her work in the field of extraterrestrial intelligence research.

The main idea of ​​the astrophysicist is that with the development of civilization, the biosphere inevitably merges with technology.

Genetic engineering and other technologies make it possible to change life forms and create collective minds, combining intelligent technologies and living organisms. This merger leads to the formation of a biotechnosphere, which may become an integral part of the future evolution of the planets.

However, this is not limited to just Earth. Researcher Irina Romanovskaya believes that space exploration can expand biotechnospheres to other planets and space objects, creating a kind of space ecosystems covering planets and interstellar space.

This concept opens up new perspectives in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The biotechnosphere can become a biosignal and a technosignal in the search for other intelligent beings in the Universe.

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Development of Biotechnospheres: humanity on the way to managing the planet

One of the most exciting aspects of the biotechnosphere concept is the idea of ​​terraforming. With increasing technological capabilities, we can change ecosystems on Earth and perhaps even on other planets. This opens the way to the possible colonization of other worlds and the creation of new ecosystems in space.

Geoengineering is becoming one of the tools that humanity can use to manage the biotechnosphere. One example would be the use of geoengineering to cool the Earth and prevent climate disasters. These technologies can be lifesaving for our planet if used wisely.

However, with the development of the biotechnosphere, serious ethical questions arise. What boundaries should we set in changing nature? How to maintain a balance between technological developments and biodiversity conservation? These issues require special attention.

But one important consequence of this concept is that if humanity can successfully control the biotechnosphere, then this can become a signal for other intelligent beings in the Universe.

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence may receive new impetus based on common biotechnological features in the development of civilizations.

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