Strange Accounts of Dwarf Aliens and their Apocalyptic Messages from Mexico

One of the mysteries that refuses to go away in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is the persistent belief of the farmers in “little men” called aluxes (ah-loosh-es) who are said to burrow inside the hills near the ancient ruins, and haunt the forests, farmlands and cenotes. These dwarf beings are generally invisible to us, but they can make their presence known, particularly after sunset, by making whistling noises or by playing tricks on us. They are generally not feared, though, because their personality is like that of a child. They love playing tricks on humans and passers-by, and for most part they are harmless. But, if they are offended they can become vindictive.

During the sowing season, the farmers of the Yucatan make offerings of food to the aluxes, near the hills that dot the farmlands and at specially designated shrines. This ensures that the aluxes will protect the cornfields at night from animals and thieves. But if they are not propitiated in accordance with tradition, thay can throw tantrums. Aluxes are blamed for all kinds of mischief; stealing tools, throwing belongings on the floor of houses, keeping people up all night by screeching, or even sending diseases through a “bad wind”.

An alux shrine below a tree. Local farmers have left offerings. Merida, Mexico. Source:

The aluxes seem to have a special affinity for the sacred ruins of the Maya, and have taken it upon themselves the protect the sites from intruders. Judith Storniolo, Professor of Anthropology at Drexel University, who has worked with the Maya for many decades, recalls that the aluxes, “summon strong winds, emit piercing whistling sounds, and propel stones at intruders. The aluxo’b (aluxes) who guard the ruins may also call their dogs to chase looters and archaeologists away if they are at the site at night. I have been told stories of workers being pummeled with stones and bothered by loud noises in the night if they sleep at an archaeological site. A guard at Dzibanche told me that a dwarf and a pack of wild dogs chased him when he fell asleep on night duty.”[1]

I had discussed in an earlier article that the present day aluxes of the Yucatan region are a continuation of the Maya beliefs about the primeval dwarfs who are depicted on the stelae and ceramic vessels. The dwarfs hobnobbed with the Maya kings and nobles, and acted as counselors and protectors of the Maya kings. They were scribes and diviners who were highly esteemed for their prophetic abilities. As per legends, the dwarfs used their magical prowess to miraculously propel massive stone blocks through the air to build the Maya cities. After the collapse of the Maya civilization, they retreated to the rainforests and to their subterannean homes.

Two Maya dwarfs look towards the King playing ball, from their cave. Yaxchilan, Chiapas, Mexico. Credit: Jami Dwyer, Public Domain

It seems that the aluxes are also associated with the UFO phenomenon. Many startling stories of alien contact in Mexico have been documented by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke in her book, Sky People: Untold Stories Of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica.[2] Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke is Professor Emeritus at Montana State University. Over a period of seven years from 2003 to 2010 she made fourteen trips covering eighty-nine archaeological sites in Mesomerica, with the express purpose of collecting stories about the Sky People and UFO’s from the indigenous people. 

One of her interactions took place in a restaurant near Uxmal, where she spoke with a Yucatec Maya waitress called Maria. Maria recounted a weird, and somewhat scary incident, in which she had seen some aluxes. In her opinion, they were not the aluxes who interacted with her Mayan ancestors, but a new bunch.  She said that she had gone out looking for wood in the evening, when she saw six aluxes in a clump of tress. “They were standing around this round ball of light,” she said. “It was bluish-white. Very bright. They linked arms and stood very still. Like small monuments.” Maria thought they might have been praying. They wore glowing uniforms and their heads were too big for their bodies. She got scared that they might see her, and ran as fast as she could to the highway. 

She found a ride in the truck of a neighbour, but as they were going along, a UFO came out of the trees where she had been standing earlier. It came over the truck and started hovering. Maria was sure it was the same aluxes in that craft. She was scared to her bones that they were going to do something to her. But the craft flew upward and went away. “It was round and big and metal,” she told Ardy. “There was a strange smell and when they flew over us, I felt a mist. The next day I was sick and stayed in bed. For a long time, I was weak. I am stronger now.”

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The reason why Maria thought that the aluxes she had seen were not the ones who had interacted with her Maya ancestors is because, the ancient aluxes were supposedly knee-high, while the ones she had seen came upto her waist – which Ardy estimated was 2.5 feet to 3 feet high. However, if we look at the depictions of the dwarfs on Maya ceramic vessels and stelae, it becomes apparent that the aluxes came up to the level of the thighs of the kings and the nobles, which could make them around 2.5 to 3 feet tall. Which means Maria’s assumption was incorrect, and she may have seen the same dwarfs who are depicted in the Maya carvings and murals. However, now they were dressed in “glowing uniforms” while during the time of the Maya they dressed in a manner similar to the Maya.

A Maya Dwarf, standing in the midst of warriors and court nobles. Source:

One can only wonder what was that round ball of light around which the aluxes stood with their arms linked? Was it some kind of energy source? Were they healing themselves? Or was it one of the aluxes who had transformed into an orb of light? There are stories from Palenque and other ancient Maya sites where the tour guides and security guards had seen the bright orbs of light transform into alien beings. Very stange indeed!

In a village close to Uxmal, Ardy had interacted with a Maya elder named Choc. Choc told her that the Sky People used to come near his house when he was a boy, but they stopped coming in the mid-seventies. “The Sky People don’t like tourists,” he said. He recounted a spacecraft that came many years ago and hovered over his house. “A strange space man, unlike those of long ago days, appeared in my yard and tried to steal one of my hogs. She was my prized mama. I fought him for her. When he released her, he ran underneath the craft and was sucked up. The craft immediately sped away, and I never saw it again.” The next morning, Choc had red spots and blisters on his hands and on the right side of his face. He felt sick for some days after the encounter.

Choc clarified that there were a couple of aliens. “There was the one that tried to steal my hog and there was another one who stood and watched, and when I fought, the other one came forward and motioned through hand signals that the thief should give up and leave my hogs alone. They looked like identical twins. There was no difference in their height, weight, or appearance.” They did not dress in the manner of the Sky People of their ancestors. “They were short and wore strange suits. They were skin-tight and bright and glossy.” Choc could not see any mouth or ears. “Their heads were covered. They covered their eyes with strange, round, black goggles.”

Short aliens wearing glossy clothes and round black goggles! That’s not the first time we have heard this. Why do they always cover their eyes with these round black goggles? Do the goggles enhance their vision or protect them from sunlight? If the dwarf aliens are actually coming out of subterranean caverns, then they would need to cover their eyes since their retina will not be used to the harsh glare of the Sun. But there shouldn’t be any need for them to wear the shades at night – unless they are underworld movie stars. 

It is a bit of a mystery that some people who see UFO’s or interact with alien beings feel sick afterwards, and sometimes have blisters on their body. It is known that humans can get sick from coming into contact with animals since animals, particularly the wild ones, carry different types of pathogens for which we may not have the necessary immunity. Is the same thing happening in case of human-alien interactions? Or is it possible that the aliens release toxic gases as a byproduct of their natural metabolic activites?

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Choc believes that the Sky People may return to his area once the tourists stop coming. That day, he  reckons, is not very far away. “It is coming. The day will come when the world is too dangerous for travel, and people will stay home. Cancun will be replaced by jungle again,” he told Ardy. “There will be diseases at first. People will be afraid to leave their homes. Food will become scarce because there will be no one to produce it. Then the wars will come.”

As I read through these words, a sense of déjà vu came over me. Didn’t we just live through a similar situation during the pandemic? Global travel was shut down and diseases were rampant. And now the wars have started again, and food scarcity is growing in many parts of the world. Is this the time Choc was talking about? Or is there more of the same in store for us? 

Maya archaeological site of Sayil. Credit: Juan Jose Acevedo Gongora CC BY-SA 2.5

At an ancient site called Sayil, around 30km south of Uxmal, Ardy met an artist named Jorge who made various types of Maya artwork and sold them near the site. He told Ardy of an alien encounter he had, along with his brother, when he was a child. Jorge, at the time, was harvesting corn with his brother. It was a hot sunny day. A round silver object, big enough to block out the sun, landed in the field near them. They hid behind a rock. Jorge said that he does not remember what happened after the craft had landed, but his brother later told him that he saw two men come out of the craft who were around one meter (3.3 feet) tall, and had skin the colour of blue squash. 

Jorge said, his brother believed he had been abducted by the aliens. “He was in some strange place that smelled evil. It made him sick instead of feeling good… They stuck needles in his head and belly like they were doctors. But he said they were no doctors. They just acted like doctors.” Jorge’s brother had never been strong since that encounter. 

This is not the first time that blue-colored aliens have been reported. It is known that people who have low oxygen levels in their blood tend to have a bluish tinge to their skin – a condition called cyanosis. Perhaps the dwarf aliens live in a place with a low oxygen content? If their home is inside hills and underground chambers, then that would perfectly fit the bill. Oxygen levels within deep mountain caves or subterranean caverns that can be reached by humans can drop to dangerously low levels, close to 11%, as opposed to the 21% oxygen level in the air we breathe. 

At the archaeological site of Tonina, Ardy spoke to a maintenance worker of the site, while sitting on top of the Acropolis – the highest pyramid at the site – which reached to a height of almost 300 meters and included seven platforms. When Ardy brought up the topic of the Sky People and UFOs’, the worker told her that he had seen UFOs many times at Tonina when he was a night secutiry officer. “There are many stories told by the elders. Some say the direct descendants of the Sky People, whose blood remains pure live underground. Some say they serve as ambassadors to the Sky People who live in the heavens. That is the reason why the UFOs come back to Toniná. It is to meet with the ambassadors and to learn about the condition of the Earth and its people.”

Figure 5: The Acropolis of Tonina, occupying seven terraces upon a hillside. Credit: Simon Burchell CC BY-SA 3.0

On further questioning, the worker revealed that the descendants of the Sky People who live underground have preserved the knowledge of the earth. 

“As I said the people from the sky come back to meet with the ancients who live underground. That is where the knowledge of the Earth is stored. It is protected there in case the people above ground destroy the world; the survivors will not have to start all over again. It happened before. The Earth was destroyed and the survivors had to start over again. This time, when the next world begins, the knowledge will be saved, and the people will not have to begin again.”

The association of the UFO’s with a race of alien being who live in a subterannean world, as well as an impending apocalypse, were themes that kept coming up in course of Ardy’s discussions with the Maya people. 

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At Chinkultic – a moderate-sized archeological ruin in Chiapas, Mexico – Ardy spoke to a young indigenous boy named Diego, who was giving her a tour of the site. Diego said that UFO’s often visit the site. “Sometimes they are invisible and then appear from nowhere…When my grandfather was a boy, about my age [Diego was twelve], he told me that UFOs often descended into the cenote. This cenote is the only one in the Chiapas,” he said. We need to ask, why UFO’s would descend into cenotes – which are basically natural pools or reservoirs, formed when a limestone bedrock collapses, exposing groundwater underneath – unless they were familiar with the territory under the surface of the Earth, and probably had built bases there? 

Diego added that when the Sky People used to interact with the elders, they left grave messages for our time. “My grandfather said they sometimes gave warnings about things to come. They said we are living in a very dangerous time when the Earth will change.”

Bonampak archaeological site in Chiapas, Mexico. Credit: Dbannasch CC BY-SA 4.0

At Bonampak – another Maya archaeological site in Chiapas – Ardy spoke to a Lacandon elder named Canek, who knew the old stories about the Maya. The Lacandon Maya are possibly the only Maya ethnic group which managed to escape Spanish control by living in small isolated settlements in the jugles of Chiapas and Guatemala. As a result, their appearance, dress, rituals and customs still resemble those of their ancient Maya ancestors, as depicted on the murals and carvings. The Lacandon Maya believe that the Maya sites are places where their gods i.e. the Sky People once dwelled, before moving to new domains in the sky and below the earth.  

Canek told Ardy that the Sky People and the ancient Maya are the same, for the Sky People were the ancestors of the Maya. “We also believe that when the time comes and the Earth is cleansed, the Sky People will come for us and take us away,” Canek said. Canek clained that he had been taken away by the Sky People in their spacecraft, who gave him these apocalyptic messages. The cleansings, he insisted, are going to happen very soon. 

“They tell us to practice our old knowledge and pass our knowledge to those who will listen. They tell us many sad things are about to happen to this Earth. They tell us to be ready with our prayers and the Sky People will remember us and come for us. We need to say our prayers and they will hear.”

These stories of UFOs’ and alient contacts in Mexico collected by Ardy make us wonder about the real nature of this phenomenon, and if there could really be underground bases in various parts of the world from where these dwarf entities operate. As per Maya beliefs, the dwarfs are primeval beings with immeasurably long lives, and are blessed with prophetic abilities. They would know of the past history of our planet and the periodic apocalyptic events that occur in course of the Great Year, which forces humanity to begin from scratch all over again. Are we at the threshold of enormous Earth changes? Do the recent spikes in UFO sightings have anything to do with this? These are questions which need answers very soon.  


[1] Judith A. Storniolo, “Ancient Mythical Dwarfs in Modern Yucatan”, Expedition magazine of Penn Museum, Vol 51 , No 1, 17
[2] Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, Sky People: Untold Stories Of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica, The Career Press, 2015

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