Steven Spielberg believes UFOs are controlled by time travelers

In recent weeks, the US skies have been “hot” with all sorts of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) being chased by the US military. The lack of information provided has led many curious Americans to draw their own conclusions about the mysterious objects, including Steven Spielberg.

The famed director was asked about the recent surge in UFO sightings during an interview on The Last Show with Stephen Colbert. Although Spielberg is not ready to support the theory of aliens visiting us, he finds this version fascinating.

Spielberg said, “I don’t believe we’re alone in the universe. I think it’s mathematically impossible that we’re the only sentient species in space. I think it’s completely impossible.”

However, he is skeptical of the idea that anyone would visit us from 400 million light-years away, unless they figured out a way to jump through wormholes in space.

While Spielberg isn’t convinced that aliens travel millions of light years to visit us, he does think that humans may have learned to travel through time.

He presented Colbert with his own theory that the UFOs we see are actually people visiting us from the future.

“The most optimistic thing I feel about these things we see in the skies, that the Army and Navy and Air Force are recording on their gun cameras, is that what if they’re not from an advanced civilization 300 million lightyears from here?,” he said.

“What if it’s us, 500,000 years in the future, that is coming back to document the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st century because they’re anthropologists? And they know something we don’t quite know yet that has occurred, and they’re trying to track the last hundred years of our history.”

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Spielberg’s theory raises an interesting question about the future of humanity. If humans are indeed visiting us from the future, does that speak to our survival as a species in the future?

This is an optimistic view, suggesting that humans will not only survive but thrive for the next half million years.

“I’ve never seen a UFO,” Spielberg said. “I wish I had! I’ve never seen anything I can’t explain. But I believe certain people who have seen things that they can’t explain. I think what has been coming up recently is fascinating, absolutely fascinating. And I think the secrecy that is shrouding all of these sightings and the lack of transparency… I think there is something going on that just needs extraordinary due diligence.”

While there is no concrete evidence to support Spielberg’s theory, it is an exciting and thought-provoking idea. Spielberg’s hypothesis offers a new and unique perspective on the phenomenon.

Regardless of who UFOs turn out to be, the discussion around them is a testament to our innate curiosity about the world and the universe in which we live.

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