Some UFO videos and photo’s from the past few days

There seems to have been quite a few UFO’s captured on video or in a photo appearing in the past few days. Maybe we should be preparing for an alien invasion!

Anyway I have decided to post them all in one post today.  So here are the ones I think are the most interesting.

UFO over Michigan in night vision

This video was posted by Dan Woerner.  It was taken with a night vision camera while pointed at the sky over Michigan.  He says some objects seem to resemble birds but they seem to be too bright and move too fast.

He also says “I’ve measured other similar craft on a different night at 10,000 feet in altitude, and their calculated speed was 2000mph or Mach 3 – all completely silent at ground level.

Triangle UFO caught on camera over L.A

This footage posted on Live Leak shows a triangle shaped craft flying over L.A.  Could it be the TR-3B, the secret Black Mantra surveillance plane?

UFO sightings over Monterey Park, L.A.

These UFO sightings witnessed over Monterey Park in Los Angeles. Posted on YouTube by Jay Lee.  He says “This was one of the most active days we have seen at this park for a while. Hopefully, the introduction will help people understand that sometimes what we assume needs have a second look

UFO’s over Texas

These photos taken over texas were submitted to MUFON.  The guy who took the photo didn’t want to share the photo’s but his friend did. So there doesn’t seem to much info to be found or details about the photos.

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Astronaut Scott Kelly’s UFO tweet

You will no doubt have already seen this as it created a social media storm and been published in the press all around the world but I have decided to include it anyway as it is quite weird.

If this happens to be your first time seeing it. Scott Kelly who is an astronaut on the International Space Station tweeted this photo of earth but happens to have caught sometime strange in the top right corner of his photo.

So there you have it. Just some UFO sightings from the past few days.


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