Shudder Celebrates ‘Halfway To Halloween’ With A Killer Lineup Of Film Premieres

April showers scare up new horror films and series on Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, for its annual Halfway to Halloween horror-thon. Too much fun to celebrate just once a year, the streamer celebrates the halfway point to Halloween every April with a killer lineup of Shudder Original Film premieres, live viewing parties for Shudder’s Original series ‘The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs’, and more.

Kicking off the lineup is ‘Baghead’, a Shudder Exclusive Film, premiering on April 5. The story follows Iris, played by Freya Allan, as she inherits a dilapidated, centuries-old pub following her estranged father’s death. Her journey takes her to Berlin, where, upon the signing of the deed, she becomes entangled with a terrifying shape-shifting entity residing in the pub’s basement. Known as Baghead, this creature can transform into the deceased, offering grieving individuals a brief respite from their sorrow—for a price. As Iris navigates this eerie reality, she and her best friend Katie must confront the dangerous implications of exploiting such a power.

In addition to ‘Baghead’, Shudder’s Halfway to Halloween event features the return of ‘The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs’ for its sixth season, continuing with live watch parties on April 12 and April 26. This series has become a staple for fans who relish the communal experience of enjoying horror films under the guidance of the charismatic Joe Bob Briggs.

Another highlight is ‘Late Night with the Devil’, premiering on April 19. This original film takes viewers back to 1977, where a Halloween special on the talk show ‘Night Owls’ unwittingly becomes the conduit for evil to enter the living rooms of unsuspecting Americans. The narrative builds on the chilling aftermath of a personal tragedy for the show’s host, Jack Delroy, setting the stage for a suspenseful unraveling of events.

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‘Shudder’ does not shy away from introducing fresh talent, as demonstrated by ‘Infested’, set to premiere on April 26. This debut feature from director Sébastien Vanicek presents a gripping tale of isolation, inheritance disputes, and the unforeseen chaos unleashed by an exotic venomous spider. As the infestation takes hold, the protagonist’s flat becomes a nightmarish trap, embodying the film’s exploration of loneliness and the human psyche.

The service further enriches its Halfway to Halloween offerings with a variety of themed programming stunts, including marathons of ‘The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula’, ‘101 Scariest Movie Moments of All Time’, and the ‘Creepshow’ series. Horror film franchises like ‘Hell House LLC’ and ‘V/H/S’ are slated for back-to-back screenings, alongside a special segment celebrating the terrifying aspects of Mother Nature in alignment with Earth Day. The festivities culminate with a Halloween-themed film marathon, marking the official six-month countdown to the beloved holiday.

Shudder’s Halfway to Halloween horror-thon not only promises a killer lineup of original films and series but also serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of horror and supernatural genres. Through its diverse programming, the event offers something for every horror aficionado, from the eerie allure of haunted pubs to the live-wire excitement of late-night talk show catastrophes, proving that the spirit of Halloween is alive and well, even in April.

Early in the month, viewers can dive into the complete second season of ‘The Terror’, exploring eerie occurrences within a Japanese American community during World War II, with George Takei among the cast. The platform also introduces ‘Mute Witness’, a gripping tale of a mute makeup artist who witnesses a murder on a movie set in Moscow, and ‘The Gates’, which narrates the story of a curse placed on a prison in 1890s London.

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The month’s lineup is rich with both contemporary and classic horror. From ‘Drag Me to Hell’, a tale of supernatural vengeance, to ‘Ghost Stories’ (2017), where a skeptical professor investigates three mysterious cases, Shudder caters to diverse tastes. Additions like ‘The Rental’, showcasing a vacation gone wrong, and ‘At the Devil’s Door’, involving a house with a dark past, complement the mix. Mid-month, ‘The Tunnel’ and its documentary counterpart delve into Sydney’s abandoned train tunnels, while ‘The House of the Devil’ (2009) and ‘The Innkeepers’ offer tales of lunar eclipses and haunted hotels. With such a wide array of new additions, Shudder continues to be a premier destination for fans seeking the thrill of the horror and supernatural genres.

AMC Networks’ ‘Halfway to Halloween’ horror-thon will bring fans of horror, thriller, and supernatural a thrilling lineup to enjoy the halfway point to their favourite spooky holiday. The horror celebration is timed to Shudder TV’s launch on AMC+ with new events including marathons of signature series and live watch parties for new film premieres.

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