Security firm boss is petrified after security camera shows ghostly woman on building site

August 20, 2020


Adam Lees, a security firm boss, was left petrified after CCTV cameras picked up a chilling image of a ghostly figure walking across a building site in the middle of the night.

Adam, 47, was alerted after a motion sensor camera picked up movement at the construction site in Birmingham city centre at 1.53am on Tuesday (18 August).

He claims that he checked the security alert on his laptop and spotted the eerie figure of a woman wearing a white dress walking past building materials.

But when he instructed a full patrol of the area just three minutes later, security guards found it all clear and with no sign of any intruders.

The spine-chilling apparition has since baffled the company boss and dad-of-three who admits he has struggled to sleep since it appeared.

Adam, who is managing director of Limitless Security and lives in Walsall, West Midlands, said: “I have no idea what it is but its freaked me out that’s for sure. We provide security for hundreds of building sites across the Midlands. If anything moves on our sites a camera takes a picture – it works on infrared – and it alerts one of our guards.

“The images come through to my laptop, so I checked and saw that image. I thought it looked a bit weird at the time but sent the on-site security out to have a look.

“They went out straightaway, it was within minutes and there was no sign of anybody there or of anybody ever being there – it was really bizarre.

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“I have no idea what it could have been but I didn’t sleep the rest of the night and it gave me the shivers that’s for sure. I’ve never believed in ghosts but I can’t explain this. People have been saying its fake but I can assure them it is 100 percent genuine.

“I wish it wasn’t, as it has properly given me the creeps. I’ve never seen anything like it before. She’s leaning forward and seems to be floating, and is holding something in her hands. To me it looks like she’s wearing a wedding dress like she’s waiting to get married. She looks like a ghostly bride.

“It’s the strangest thing I’ve seen in five years of looking after hundreds of sites like this. Imagine looking at this image when you’ve been woken up at two in the morning and are half asleep. It took me a while to drop off again after that.”

The image has been shared thousands of times since it was posted on Twitter.

One person replied saying: “If this is real that is proper creepy. Ghosts just walking around… makes u wonder,” another added: “I wouldn’t be going back there that’s for sure.”

Others were more sceptical with someone writing: “Looks like something my 12 year old nephew conjured up in his ICT class,” and another said: “That can’t be real, not in a million years… or could it?”

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