Search for Crashed Object “Is One of the Largest UFO Search Operations in the History of Norway,” Investigator Says

Norwegian UFO investigators are searching a frozen lake for a mysterious object said to have crashed there 77 years ago, reported RTBF News last week.

The UFO reportedly crashed in 1947 in a lake near the town of Røros in Norway and was witnessed by the town’s mayor, who lived close to the crash site.

“It looked like a rocket, and it made a lot of noise. It turned 180 degrees and landed in the lake behind us,” photographer Rue Røstad said of the object.

A popular and enduring mystery, the story has been passed down since then, and now, investigators have set out to determine the truth once and for all.

Røstad is helping to organize efforts to search for the UFO, and preliminary results have been promising.

What appears to be an unusual object submerged in the lake was found through the use of sonar.

“We found an object that is just below this hole,” Røstad said. “It is fourteen meters (46 feet) long and three meters (10 feet) wide.”

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