Reports from the Void: ‘I Was Followed by up to 20 White Glowing Eyes’

Reports from the Void is a repository to share those stories for which we do not have enough information to make a full report. This is usually because of little or no communication from the witness following their initial submission. The Singular Fortean Society will always provide as much information as possible regarding any correspondence during our attempts to speak with those involved.

This series is meant only to present you with the full breadth of the information sent to us and makes no judgments towards the veracity of any stories shared within it.

The Singular Fortean Society received the following email on September 25th, 2023.

I was lost out in the Arizona desert last Saturday night and I was followed by up to 20 white glowing eyes about two feet tall and along with them were red glowing eyes on a creature two to three feet tall. They were, I thought, orbs. They seemed to float. They tried to surround me and were around 30 to 40 yards away. They were in threes together; two white eyes and one pair of red glowing eyes. They are still out in the desert, east towards the mountains on the alluvial plain at the vidock curve of the Florence Junction east of Phoenix, Arizona. 

I’m homeless and have camped out there for months now, although I’m not supposed to. But they are real, and I’m worried for my life. 

Saturday night, I was video live calling a friend of mine that’s in Chicago and he saw them also. But, of course, he was on a phone. But he witnessed the lights I have [seen] almost nightly, orbs of white, red and blueish. I have told several friends and three have come to see them and validated my claims and are amazed at them. 

I’ve recorded EVP audio and get some voices. The strange thing is, I asked these spirits before what they were and many other questions, and I got just a few answers to my questions: “Government.” “Beings.” “Little helpers” and the word “Thunderbolt”? 

I’m a veteran and have watched while night hiking in the desert, making audio recordings and video, but my Samsung cell provider mysteriously removed an audio app that was to me priceless for the responses of spirits and has disabled my camera and video capabilities. They may not be connected to each other but are strange still.

The white glowing-eyed and red glowing-eyed orbs fly in formations staggered behind one another and chase each other, and there are some orbs that are pairs like eyes on a face, and red pairs, and the two sets are in the same configuration as they change. 

You have bodies that are in that same configuration on the ground, like they do during what I call “fly floating.” I thought they were drones and wrote them off as that, but after months of nightly watching them I have come to believe they are not drones. They are silent in flight, on and off, and if I get too close or [shine a] strobe light the orbs will go dark. 

They also, I think, heard me talking [and do] things when asked to. [They are] intelligent balls of energy, playful in nature. They could have taken my life at countless opportunities but haven’t. [But these past nights], things changed. 

They manifested into those glowing-eyed two-to-three-foot beings, giving off bad vibes that I don’t like at all. I know all this sounds crazy but if you’re ever in Arizona call me at my cell or [email me] at my Gmail, and I’ll bring you out here for a couple nights and show them to you and how I interact. 

I follow the orbs through the desert at night and they are curious to a degree. Then I run away from them to see their reactions. They follow me back. 

Do you think the voices recorded are any connection or in a place of their own? The red-eyed ones that night got into a clump of them, and their head was silhouetted by the white ones’ eyes. I also saw that there was black with one white eye in front and to the side. I got a short look at it from 30 yards away. I know also what the orange orbs are and what they can manifest into. The yellow orbs have female faces and the huge cone lights that speed across the sky at night. This place, as well as Peralta Trail Road are hot spots for activity. 

Thank you, sir, for the time to read my text that’s as long as a novel.

How can I send you my videos and voice recordings, and could you come see for yourselves? I’m not savvy at technology and am old school. Come and see a kinda guy that’s a hermit out here but I believe you’d be impressed. Thank you.

Investigator Tobias Wayland replied in order to advise that any photo or video evidence could be sent to The Singular Fortean Society’s email address, but his reply was returned as undeliverable. The error message received stated, “Your message wasn’t delivered … because the address couldn’t be found or is unable to receive mail.”

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Sightings of mysterious glowing orbs are relatively common and are sometimes associated with a variety of anomalous phenomena including ghosts, aliens, and bigfoot and other cryptids.

In early 2023, North Carolina man Christopher Bledsoe recounted a series of encounters with seemingly intelligent glowing orbs to British tabloid the Daily Mail.

And later that year, The Singular Fortean Society was contacted by Georgia resident Paula Adams, who wished to report an anomalous glowing orb seen by her and her daughter one Sunday night.

Also in 2023, a witness reported psychic contact with a series of spherical objects to The Singular Fortean Society.

In addition, a man in Indiana near the Prairie Creek Reservoir has spoken to The Singular Fortean Society about a series of glowing orb sightings that span from 1981 to 2020 which could be related to winged humanoid sightings in the area.

And in 2022, The Singular Fortean Society was contacted by Shane Taylor, 44, who wished to report an encounter with a multitude of seemingly friendly orange orbs he’d had on Christmas Eve of 2014.

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