Outlandish Encounters With Invisibility Cloaked Entities

Among the various strange encounters with aliens, ghosts, and aliens, there are some that are harder to categorize than others. There seem to be some rather outlandish entitites that seem to lie beyond our ability to really comprehend, and it is hard to know just what to do with them. Here we will look at a selection of such accounts, which deal with some sort of invisibility cloaked creatures from beyond our understanding. 

A Reddit user called “spawnofspace” relates a fairly frightening encounter with one of these strange entities. He claims that in his youth he was visiting his parents at Lake Orion, Michigan and went out one night with his friends to explore the area and get into trouble. At some point they felt as though they were being watched, and all of them felt it but were unable to tell what was causing it. That was when the witness noticed something very bizarre, and says of what happened next:

I saw this figure that I have always described as looking made out of water. A humanoid figure translucent, that makes the background behind them wavy and has a defined outline, under a streetlight on the sidewalk about 50 meters back. I figured my mind was playing tricks on me because I was already spooked and just kept walking joking around with the others, looking back every-so-often. It was following us, and I could see it staying a distance but keeping pace, keeping to the sidewalk. My mom’s friend’s kid that wanted to ding-dong-ditch houses, looked to see what I was looking at, exclaiming to his friend “do you see that?!” and took off running. My friend looked back and took off running with them, and I was again left running after them. We ran all the way back to his house, probably about three miles never looking back until we could see his driveway. No sign of it behind us anymore, it is crazy how far and how fast you can run with adrenaline like that. I have never been so shook or scared in my entire life. I was inconsolable. It really shook my entire being. I was scared for a while that I would see it again and find out it had been following me the entire time. At night I still look over my shoulder behind me obsessively. It’s been over 10 years now, and I’ve never seen anything like that again.

What was this thing? What makes this account interesting is that it happened not in the middle of the wilderness, but in a fairly suburban neighborhood, and another case follows suit. In a report from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a witness describes encountering a cloaked “unknown intelligent creature” near his residence in Fernandina Beach, Florida. He says he pulled into the driveway of his house and was about to go inside when a weird series of events would unfold. He says of it:

It was very dark out with no cars or street lights near by. When I stopped my car and turned it off…I then opened my door and stood up to exit the vehicle. As I stood up I saw something that is difficult to describe. With the car door still open I saw what looked like some kind of cloaked creature walking around the corner of the house from the backyard. It was hard to see. It looked like the shadow of a human sized creature. It was totally black and moved like a person walking upright. It blocked out what was behind it and I could really only see the distortion it caused. The distortion had wavy edges as if it was surrounded by energy. I could make out it’s head and shoulders but only in vague form. The creature took several steps and at the instant that I thought to myself “What is that?” It stopped dead in it’s tracks and appeared to look right at me. At this time I was scared to death that this creature had noticed me and was looking right at me. After a few seconds of looking at each other the creature turned and walked back around behind the house and I never saw it again. The entire encounter lasted about 20 seconds. When I saw this I thought for many years it was a ghost or demon as my grandmother often told stories of seeing ghosts. Only recently have I begun to think it was an intelligent creature with a technology that was inexplicable. After the encounter I got back into my car and drove to my roommate’s work and waited for him to get off work and come home with me. This was the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had. This is the 2nd unknown encounter I’ve had. I reported on MUFON a UFO sighting I had around 1996. For years I believed that encounters like these were just crazy people. I have been forced over the years to believe that we are clearly alone and not the smartest or most technologically advance creatures on this planet and beyond.

Another suburban report was given by a caller on a July 31, 2016 episode of the radio show Coast to Coast AM during an interview with missing person researcher David Paulides, author of the Missing 411 series of books. On this episode they were talking about hunters who had vanished into thin air, and Paulides was talking about cases in which witnesses had seen cloaked, shimmering “Predator-Like” creatures. The caller said he had seen something like that in a residential area in Long Beach, California, which he described as vague, out of focus humanoid entities that appeared to be “wrapped in Saran Wrap.” The caller says:

What you are describing tonight, especially the woman saying she seeing something that looked like it was wrapped in Saran Wrap. That’s something that I had seen in the urban city back in the early ’90s. I was sitting in a car with an older friend of mine and I looked up. I looked at a tree and it looked distorted, you know, in the tree. My friend was looking at it too. And I told my friend, are you seeing what I’m seeing? And he said I’m looking at the one on the left. That’s when I realized there was two of them and when they focused their vision on us, they had the most blood-shot, red, glowing-type eyes… but the one thing I noticed was that they noticed us and it was almost like I could understand what they were saying to each other and they were in amazement that we were actually able to see them. So long story short, we darted out of there as fast as we could. I mean it was just… our reaction. We were scared shitless, you know, out of our minds. I talked to somebody a couple of years later, an older guy in the neighborhood about it, and he said, ‘Oh, you guys see the tree people. A lot of people for years have been seeing those people around here. They don’t have no shape to them and usually when people have seen them, people in the neighborhood would disappear around that time.’

The mention of disappearances in relation to these entities makes it all even spookier. It is interesting that these reports often describe these beings as looking like the cloaked aliens in the Predator series of films, suggesting that, similarly to the fictional aliens in those movies, something might be utilizing similar technology. In another account, Reddit user “Tens_sand_shoes” describes her own encounters with a “Predator” on several occasions throughout her life. The first was when she was a young girl out playing by the edge of the woods behind her grandmother’s house in rural Illinois. On this day she was out digging for interesting rocks when she suddenly felt that she was being watched and looked up to see something she could not explain. She says:

I remember picking out a spot to dig. I had been out there for quite awhile because I remember I had a pretty decent size hole going, when something caught my eye up in the tree that I was next to. I almost don’t know how to explain it, but it looked like almost a heatwave coming off the branch of the tree. It was fall, I remember this because I had my pink jacket on and remember thinking that my mom was going to be pissed because I had dirt around the bottom of the arms from digging. I also remember there being a lot of leaves on the ground. Anyway, I am staring at this “heatwave” and realize it has a human shape. So here I am, 5 years old, and wondering why there is a invisible man in the tree. I remember feeling scared but unsure what to do. Then it started moving and making a faint clicking sound. That is about the time that I decided that I was not supposed to be seeing this, and I high tailed it back to the house. My grandmother seen I was pretty shaken, and I remember telling her that I just seen a angel. In my 5-year-old mind, I didn’t know what else it could be. I had never heard of aliens or ghosts or monsters, so to me it had to be an angel because that’s all my little mind could think of.

At the time he did not make the “Predator” connection, but when she got older he would not only become convinced that he had seen something similar, but he would also have another encounter. She explains: 

Fast forward to when I am about 12 years old. By this time the encounter was way out of mind. I loved watching action and sci-fi movies. My dad rented a movie called Predator. I am watching it with him, and the first time you see the Predator invisible/cloaked I about shit my pants. All the memories from that day digging in the dirt came flooding back. I even asked my dad if Predator was real or if he knew if anyone or any animal that had cloaking ability that I didn’t know about. He told me it was all fake. It wasn’t like it is today were I could just Google it. I had no access to the Internet, so again I just put it out of my mind.

Again fast forward to about the year 2004. I am grown. I have 3 small children. I just went through a separation from my husband. I moved to the next town over to an apartment with my kids. These apartments are all one level duplexes with there being 5 buildings. I am at the very last apartment of the last building. The apartments are considered “in town” but are on the outskirts. There is a deep ditch that runs behind the buildings with a chain link fence that separates the back yard from the ditch. There are about 6-7 trees on our side of the fence. If you follow the ditch a little bit, you hit a small forest that eventually leads to the country with a larger forest and farm land. I am a smoker, but would not smoke in the apartment because of the kids, so I often went out to the back porch. One night I was up late doing laundry and stuff after the kids went to bed. I decided to take a smoke break before I myself went to sleep. I am back there on the porch and I started hearing this faint clicking sound. I immediately looked to the ditch because I had seen a ground hog out there a few days before and thought perhaps he was out there again. The yard is faintly lit from the outside light that is by they playground that is to the right of my back porch. I didn’t turn on my porch light, I didn’t normally, if I was just going out for a quick smoke. I didn’t see any ground hog or movement from the ditch, so I go back to smoking my cigarette. The faint clicking sound keeps happening and a slight shift of movement makes me look up into the tree to the left of my porch. It’s there. The same invisible thing I had seen when I was five. It is like a distortion and in a humanoid shape. It is crouched down on the branch with an arm out holding on to the trunk of the tree. I couldn’t believe it. I was like “is this happening, has it came to kill me from me seeing it all those years ago”. All I could think about was my kids in the apartment sleeping. 

I ran in and slammed and locked the door. I ran to the kids rooms and made sure all the windows are locked, then I just turn out the lights in the living room and stare out the blinds at the tree to see if I could catch another glimpse of it. I sat there for about a good 10 minutes and couldn’t see anything. I begin to think that I am just tired and my mind was playing tricks on me. Just as I was finally talking myself down, my neighbors dog comes running across the yard and starts barking at the tree at the same branch that I had seen this “predator” thing. That pretty much freaked me out because this dog was not a barker. I actually have never heard him bark at anything, even at the ground hog that had been hanging out at the ditch. This barking went on for a few minutes until I hear the neighbor lady who owns the dog call him back inside. The dog reluctantly turned to go back home, stopping every few feet to look back at the branch of the tree, until he was out of my sight. I didn’t sleep that night and have never seen anything like it again. I don’t know what to think of it.

Another Reddit user called “albert0917” also specifically mentions the Predator aliens in his own report, which he says happened while he was a student at the Art Institute college, which was at the time located on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, California. He claims that during those days he had been staying at a 2-story townhouse in Arcadia. One day he went to go make something in his kitchen and it was the most routine thing in the world, until he came across a very strange entity in his own home. He says of what transpired:

One late afternoon or early evening, after all day staying inside my bedroom watching TV and basically done nothing productive, i wanted to go to the kitchen downstairs and make something for dinner. When i opened my bedroom door, immediately i saw a translucent humanoid sitting on the floor with its legs crossed and facing the opposite direction to my bedroom’s door. When it noticed me, it started to get up from the floor and turn its body to face me. It was a rather skinny with long arms and clearly defined outline (just like the cloaking alien in the Predator movie, only smoother i think), about maybe 5 feet tall. I remember instantly feeling a very negative, malicious energy from that thing. I then quickly closed the door and locked it. I was thinking to hide under my bed but it didn’t have ample space underneath it, lol. I decided to just wait inside my bedroom until the following day around noon (i thought it was an evil spirit and i wished the full sunlight would make it disappear). The next day it was gone and i never seen such a thing again (thank goodness!).

The recent movie titled The Invisible Man (2020) reminded me of my encounter with that thing. I done some research about it online and found out that it lives in the forest or sparsely human-populated places? Some say it’s a cloaking bigfoot but i think it’s something different.. a bigfoot would have a thick tall physique, wouldn’t it? this thing was 5 feet tall and slender. And based on what i saw from its outline i think it maybe had a short hair? like shoulder length maybe? The house i used to live in Arcadia is also very close to the Angeles National Forest. So maybe it came down from the forest area. I don’t know.

Ghost, alien, figment of the imagination, or what? Finally we have a report from the site Phantoms and Monsters, from a witness in Chicago’s Groveland Park neighborhood. In September of 2022, she was staying at her dad’s apartment, which was located in a tall residential building in Chicago on the sixth floor, and she describes her spooky experience as follows:

At some point during the earlier evening, I decided to go out on the balcony for a quick cigarette. I was standing there just staring out into thin air not really thinking about much or doing much. As I stood there with my cigarette in hand, I shifted position and began to observe a very large tree about 20 feet away. It was roughly about 15 feet down from me. I noticed that one of the branches on this tree was bowing quite heavily which I remember now thinking back was quite odd at the time. As I’m staring at this branch and trying to make sense of what my eyes are seeing, I have this horrible feeling come over me. The most intense sense of dread and fear. It was like almost every part of my body was screaming at me to turn around and run, but I didn’t know why.

At this very moment, the bowing branch that I had just been observing began to shake violently despite my internal instincts still screaming at me to leave. Curiosity had now gotten the better of me and I started to move along the railing to get a closer look. Then I saw it. What I saw at first was a small glimmering form. As I stared a bit closer, this glimmer then became what I can only describe as a transparent human figure that [shimmered] a yellowish-white color. I snapped out of my fixated stare and quickly took a step back from the railing. It suddenly hit me that what I was looking at was like something straight from the movie “Predator.” More specifically when the Predator is using camouflage.

At that very moment, when I realized what I had just seen, this ‘thing’ dropped out of the tree and hit the ground below. It landed directly behind a man who just happened to be walking past at the time. The man immediately spun around assuming that someone had thrown something at him. The only thing I noticed was a cloud of smoke or dust arising from the ground behind the man. I waited for some time expecting to see this thing re-emerge from the dust or smoke, but it was completely gone. At the same time, another neighbor just a few floors below had also observed exactly the same thing as me and they managed to confirm all the same details. The neighbor and I then managed to track down the man who was walking past a few hours later. We had a conversation with the man, and he said that he’d felt an impact but didn’t see anything when he turned around. He also went on to report that he felt the same dread that I’d experienced only hours before.

What are we dealing with here? Are these ghosts, demons, alien entities with advanced technology, interdimensional interlopers, figments of the imagination, or what? In the end it is hard to say, and such reports keep coming in. If these are real creatures then what do they want and what are they doing? These are questions we may never have answers for, and they remain some damn bizarre cases that reside on the periphery of the strange. 

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