On top of a mountain in Peru lie the ruins of a city of giants

Yaynu is an archaeological site in Peru. It lies in the Ancash Region, Pomabamba Province, Huayllan District. It is a hilltop settlement that is considered the most important evidence of the so-called Recuay culture in the Ancash Region.

The stone constructions of Yaynu are situated about 17 km south of Pomabamba at a height of more than 4,000 metres (13,123 ft), on the northern slope of Pañahirka (Pañajirca).

Yaynu is the largest known Recuay site and is best described as a fortified hilltop town. The area of the town is about 25 ha at its core. When counting associated defenses, corrals and terracing, the area is over 105 ha.

The central sector is bounded by perimeter walls and long trenches. The buildings are of stone and densely built up.

In the legends of the mountain inhabitants of this country, there is information about seven cities that are located above the clouds, moreover, one of them was built by giants, and six others by people.

Only two of them have been found so far. Yaynu is unique in that it consists of huge, heavy stones. Scientists were very surprised by the method of erection of the structures.

No traces of a bonding compound could be found between the stones, but in some incredible way, the walls stood for several millennia. The researchers analyzed wind and water erosion and concluded that the structures are about 5.5 thousand years old. That is, it is the most ancient city found in Peru.

Buildings were built according to the same principle – a layer of huge blocks weighing up to 150 tons. Small stones were placed on it. Next came a layer of medium stones, again small ones on top, and next megalithic blocks were stacked on top of them.

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Considering all these factors, the level of preservation of ancient buildings is more than satisfactory. But the amazing facts about the discovered ruins do not end there. The material from which the buildings were created is in the lower reaches. That is, someone lifted blocks weighing more than 100 tons to a height of 4000 meters to the top of Mount Yaina.

The locals, who still live in the immediate vicinity, state that people never built this city. It was built by the giants. Academic science refuses to recognize these facts.

They generally dated the construction to 400-600 AD, based on the discovered household items of people.

These finds indicate that people lived here at that time, and not that the buildings were erected. In addition, official historians have not been able to clearly explain how poorly educated mountain dwellers dragged blocks and cobblestones weighing many tons to the top of the mountain.

Despite the fact that, supposedly, everything is known to scientists about this cultural and historical monument, there are no answers to the main questions. Who and how built this city is a mystery.

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