“New Nostradamus” Predicts Bad News for the World and It’s Coming Soon

Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame) has been the most famous, and some would say the most accurate, psychic for centuries. If a modern psychic calls himself the “New Nostradamus,” he had better have a record of correct predictions to back up the claim. Craig Hamilton-Parker is a British psychic who refers to himself the New Nostradamus, although his predictions have caused many to call him the “Prophet of Doom” as well. Hamilton-Parker claims to have predicted Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the COVID-19 pandemic. Hot on the heels of the Chinese balloon traveling over the U.S. before being shot down, the New Nostradamus has a new list of doomsday predictions for both individuals and the world – and they will happen soon. What does Hamilton-Parker see in 2023 for England’s Prince Andrew? Why does he say a Third World War is coming and Russia and China will be on the same side? 

A representation of Craig Hamilton-Parker 

“I feel it’s gonna be a serious problem. Ukraine will pale in significance compared to this.”

Craig Hamilton-Parker says in an article in The Daily Star that, while the conflict in Ukraine is still more of a proxie war when it comes to world powers with the exception of Russia, a serious war is in store for the world in 2023 … and its cause will be an accident. While the predictions of the old Nostradamus need interpretation, Hamilton-Parker’s have been very specific ever since he began going public with them in the 1980s. Doris Stokes – herself a popular and controversial medium and psychic who died in 1987 – is attributed as discovering Hamilton-Parker’s abilities and predicting they would take him out of his job as managing director at an advertising agency and into the world of mediums, psychics and annual predictions. Hamilton-Parker is a popular author but it is his predictions and their accuracy which have many concerned about his recent prognostications. 

“I think we’re going to get an accidental conflict in some respects because we’re going to have something like a [freak collision or incident]. (It will be) either submarines hit each other or aeroplanes clipping each other or somebody that triggers it off, and it starts to get out of control.”

No, Prince Andrew will not be at the helm of one of those submarines or planes – Craig Hamilton-Parker says in an interview with The Daily Star that those planes or submarines will be connected to the U.S. and China and the result will be the long-feared conflict over Taiwan.  

“I feel like Russia is going to become a pariah state on this by siding with China, because that will play into China’s hands and make things worse. That’s my main concern.”

Hamilton-Parker’s warning that this accident will cause Russia to side with China seems to be bad news for everyone but Ukraine – anything that takes resources away from that conflict should be good for that country. Hamilton-Parker had predicted at the end of 2022 that the Ukraine conflict would escalate and Putin would lose power and “something big will happen in December.” Perhaps he’s just off by a few months, although the psychic has been wrong before. In 2018, he predicted a terrorist attack on a British motorway, a revolution in North Korea overthrowing Kim Jong-Un, and drones dropping chemical weapons on a European city. Hamilton-Parker was thankfully wrong on those forecasts. However, we might consider rooting for him to be right on this latest one, because …

“Ultimately, everything is going well. I think eventually a new China will emerge, divided into multiple countries.” 

If you believe things can “go well” as the result of a world war, that may be as good as you’ll get from the Prophet of Doom. 

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Perhaps he’s saving his doomsday prophecies for the royal family – especially Prince Andrew.

“I think he will go through a psychological breakdown and it really hits him with the death of his mother and I see King Charles turning against him.”

That’s nothing new – many have predicted psychological problems for Andrew, even as he seems to be rebuilding his case against his accusers  rather than slinking off into royal oblivion. And, while Charles seems to be trying to patch things up enough with his sons to get them to attend his upcoming coronation, Andrew is being treated by his brother as a pariah. Ultimately, according to Hamilton-Parker:

“He may do something like take an overdose. but I didn’t see him dying.”

Will the coronation fix anything?

The coronation won’t fix any of King Charles’ other problems either.

“I also have feelings about the psychological health of King Charles and him admitting later in the year of a depression after the high of the coronation.”

Of course, when it comes to true confessions, no one can top Prince Harry and Meghan Markel these days, and the Prophet of Doom sees gloom for them as well:

“At the moment they’ve got all the power and energy of hate running through their lives – at the moment they’ve got this sort of ‘poor me’ energy. But when they run out of steam, I get the feeling that what I call Meghan’s ‘hold over Harry’ will weaken and I think he’ll have become a very, very troubled man, very deeply troubled man. I feel that that marriage will ultimately split. Probably more than a year, I think it will take, but I think that they will they will eventually split.”

Does Hamilton-Parker see anything positive for the royals? Not really. He forecasts Markle making a failed attempt at politics before settling into a career as a talk show host. Meanwhile, archrival Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, will perform an unspecified “spontaneous act” and one of the royal children will fall ill. And, in keeping with his recent ‘accident’ theme, he predicts an accident, possibly a fall, will occur for another unspecified member of the royal family.

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Will Craig Hamilton-Parker – the “New Nostradamus” – live up to the accuracy of his namesake, his nickname of “Prophet of Doom” or will he hopefully, for the sake of all of us, not just the royal family, be wrong in his latest predictions? We may soon find out. Stay tuned.


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