Nearly 500 UFOs Reported Across the UK in 2022, According to Report by UFO Identified

The UK UFO Report 2022 published this year by UFO Identified has compiled data from nearly 500 UFO sightings reported in the United Kingdom last year.

In addition to their own organization, sources for the report included the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), TruthProof, the Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG), the Swansea UFO Network (SUFON), the Cornwall UFO Research Group (CUFORG), the Northern Ireland UFO Society (NIUFOS), local and national media, social media, UK police forces, the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Civil Aviation Authority, and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

The report calculated that there were 497 sightings in total for the UK in 2022, with the vast majority of those (411) coming from England. This is an increase of 20% over the previous year’s total of 413.

Sightings were distributed fairly evenly throughout the year, although warmer months trend slightly higher than colder months.

The most popular time to spot a UFO remains between 9 and 10 p.m. on Saturday, according to the report.

And while England had the most reports, Wales and Scotland were tied for the highest density of sightings with 2.4 UFOs reported per person living there.

Most reported sightings were of “star-like” lights in the night sky, but other descriptions and sighting times were noted, and care was taken to distinguish between sightings of lights in the sky and lights that appeared to represent a craft of some sort. This could be valuable in separating possible misidentified objects—like satellites—from truly anomalous phenomena.

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The report also found that over half of all submitted evidence came exclusively in the form of witness testimony.

However, author Ash Ellis said in the report, “Our database shows which reports have which type of evidence accompanying them. We are working to update our database to include these videos and images. Meanwhile, videos and images are available from the source websites for these sightings.”

Overall, Ellis concluded, “It’s good to see such an increase in reported sightings throughout 2022 and we hope this will continue in 2023. The stigma around the topic appears to be reducing. We hope this encourages more people to come forward and talk about their experiences and report what they are seeing.”

The Singular Fortean Society reported on several notable UFO sightings in the UK last year, including a man who photographed several “fast moving lights” he saw flying over Glasgow, Scotland, on January 24th; an unidentified flying object caught on camera during an airshow over Buckingham Palace in London, England, on June 2nd; and a doctor who recorded two anomalous lights in the sky above Birmingham, England, on July 24th.

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