Mysterious Arctic pinging noise could be from a crashed UFO according to Russian emails

You have most likely heard about the recent reports of a mysterious pinging and humming noise coming from the seafloor in Canada’s northernmost Arctic territories.

If you haven’t heard about it, hunters and boaters have reported hearing a ping or hum coming from the Arctic seafloor in northern Canada that has been scaring marine mammals and other wildlife away from the area.


The mystery noise prompted the Canadian Military to investigate the area but all they reported to have found were a few whales and walruses and didn’t detect anything else.

However, information has started to appear that these pinging or humming noises could be down to a crashed UFO!

According to newly released documents made available from State Dept emails, by the way of the Russian FSB’s Wikileaks division, a UFO was reported to have crashed through the Arctic ice and into the sea back in the year 2010. The UFO, or should that now be called a USO, has apparently been operating in the Arctic waters ever since.

Could this be whats causing the mysterious pinging/humming noise?

Maybe the Canadian Military did find something during their investigation and saying that they found nothing was a lie. Or maybe they already know what is down there.

Food for thought! What do you think?



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