Mexican Congress holds second session about Peruvian-alien mummies

During a recent session, specialists presented their findings to Mexico’s Congress regarding a collection of three-fingered Peruvian mummies. While they confirmed the authenticity of the remains, they refrained from declaring them as extraterrestrial.

In a unique event held on September 13, Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan showcased two samples to the legislators. Maussan claimed that these bodies, allegedly discovered near Peru’s ancient Nazca lines, were not associated with terrestrial life.

During the recent meeting, Maussan aimed to prove that the bodies were not fake, although they were not physically present this time.

He presented a panel of experts who all affirmed that the bodies were genuine and belonged to once-living organisms. However, questions regarding their origin remained unanswered.

While none of the scientists concluded that the bodies were extraterrestrial, Maussan went further, suggesting that they could be evidence of non-human life forms.

“None of the scientists say [that the study results] prove that they are extraterrestrials, but I go further,” he said, referencing his own personal views that the mummies were ‘non-human’.

Anthropologist Roger Zuniga from San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica, Peru, stated that researchers had examined five similar specimens over the course of four years.

Zuniga confirmed the authenticity of the bodies, emphasizing that there was no human intervention in their physical and organic development. However, he admitted that the origin of these creatures remained unknown.

Zuniga presented a letter signed by 11 scientists from the university, supporting the authenticity of the bodies. However, the letter clarified that they were not claiming the bodies to be extraterrestrial.

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Maussan’s previous presentation faced criticism from many experts who dismissed it as a hoax debunked by established scientists. These experts pointed to studies on similar remains that concluded the specimens were artificially created using animal and human bones.

When questioned about those studies, Zuniga acknowledged that those particular examples were likely fake. However, he maintained that the bodies examined by him and the other university experts were genuine.

Senator Sergio Gutierrez, a member of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s ruling Morena party, called for a change in Mexico’s regulations to disclose all information about UFOs.

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